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Nurses Eat their Young

 Lateral violence is a form of nurse bullying For instance, lateral violence occurs when another nurse deliberately instills harmful behavior in the workplace to another employee. Most noteworthy, nurse to nurse bullying remains extremely common in various hospitals and healthcare facilities. Nursing remains one of greatest occupations at risk for lateral violence. As a matter of fact, roughly 44% to

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How to Develop your Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills for nurses and healthcare providers

“Inquiring minds want to know” Nursing is an honorable profession, and nurses are the heart and soul of the healthcare system. Furthermore, nurses are at the front-lines of administering and evaluating treatment. Critical thinking for nurses is a crucial skill to have. The nurse is the patient’s advocate and the patient relies on the nurse to be his or her

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How to Start CPR?

Providing CPR to adults 1. Assess for Scene Safety Before approaching an unresponsive victim, ensure that your surroundings are safe. If the scene is not safe, you are putting yourself and/or other bystanders at risk of injury. Here are a few examples of scene that is NOT safe: The victim is surrounded by fire, poison, or exposed electric circuits The

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Fast-Track for Critical Care

Beginning to Intermediate ECG Interpretation Recommended for ER, ICU, Med-Surg, and Tele nurses working in hospitals that require a routine ECG exam. In addition to practicing over 100 rhythms, you will learn about: Junctional rhythms Ventricular rhythms AV Blocks Pacemakers 6 CE hours awarded upon completion. Textbook included. Sign up below: Register here:Orange County Signup San Diego Signup 12-Lead Interpretation » Read more

Maternal Child Training Program Fresno

Basic Fetal Heart MonitoringMarch 23, 2019 8:30 am to 12:30 pm Basic Fetal Heart Monitoring will provide the novice Labor and Delivery nurse with comprehensive introductory training for the skills needed to perform fetal surveillance through electronic fetal heart monitoring. Most notably, this course provides an overview of the antepartum period and methods of antepartum testing. Moreover, aspiring obstetrical nurses » Read more