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Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP)

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8th Edition NRP Instructions


Schedule your AAP NRP skills session below. Afterwards, you will receive an email with pre-study materials and instructions on how to navigate the new learning platform.

Step 2

Click on the laptop icon to access the website, then select the NRP 8th Edition Learning Platform button. All students will have to create a new account.

Step 3

Depending on experience, select either the Essentials or Advanced exam. Read below for more guidance. Once completed, either email or bring a copy of the part 1 certificate.

Step 4

After the skills session, return to the learning platform and log-back in. Lastly, your neonatal resuscitation certification should be located in the my certificates & eCards tab.

Essentials 8th Ed. NRP Skills

$ 75
  • Exam Certificate Required
  • Awarded 1 CEH
  • Rec: Postpartum Unit

Orange County Schedule

San Diego Schedule

Advanced 8th Ed. NRP Skills

$ 115
  • Exam Certificate Required
  • Awarded 4 CEHs
  • Rec: L&D and NICU

Orange County Schedule

San Diego Schedule

Important Information

Postpartum Providers

According to the AAP, healthcare providers involved in the care of a newborn should take the Essentials Exam. This includes those who standby to initiate resuscitation including positive pressure ventilation.

In short, we highly recommend the Essentials curricula for Postpartum personnel; except if rotating to the NICU is part of your job description.

L&D and NICU Providers

According to the AAP, anyone responsible for anticipated resuscitation of newborns with known risk factors, as well as those who may participate in neonatal resuscitation beyond positive pressure ventilation should take the Advanced Exam.

We highly recommend the Advanced curricula for L&D and NICU personnel.

The new 8th Edition NRP offers 2 provider categories, Essentials and Advanced.

Your facility may or may not have a policy regarding the selection of NRP Essentials or NRP Advanced. NEO strongly suggests that students select the Advanced Provider. Therefore, the student will not have to upgrade in the future from Essentials to Advanced if the situation arises. Accordingly, there will be an additional charge to upgrade from the Essentials skills session to the advanced skills session.

The American Academy Pediatrics Neonatal Resuscitation certification is a required certification for all healthcare providers who come into contact with newborns. The AAP NRP Skills course format requires learners to first study AAP NRP material, then complete an online exam. After completing the exam, learners must then attend an interactive course that includes a hands-on NRP skills session. In addition, Neonatal Resuscitation certification eCards are issued on same day.

At NEO, we strive to provide a memorable NRP skills session, rather than a dull class. The topic of NRP is a serious one. Accordingly, we utilize the best approaches for teaching so that students can remember these skills when needed.

Transitioning from intrauterine to extra-uterine life is the single most dangerous event in a person’s life. During this time, the human body goes through more physiologic adjustments than in any other stage of life. For the most part, babies usually transition without any problems. In fact, roughly 90% of babies transition smoothly into extra-uterine life. However, some babies struggle to adjust, or don’t adjust at all. Thus, for the remaining few percent, Neonatal Resuscitation may be necessary. Furthermore, since there are many births, the small percentage of infants requiring resuscitation may be substantial. While appropriate neonatal resuscitation is essential, the success of an optimal resuscitation can be one of the most gratifying experiences for healthcare providers.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding your NRP certification.

Orange County Office: 714-979-4022

San Diego Office: 858-748-3300


Clients must call us to apply our New Grad and Maternal discounts. Also, students must bring proof of being a student or a New Grad.

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8th Ed. NRP Textbook

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) requires that students purchase the Neonatal Resuscitation Program textbook. Click on the icon to purchase your book for $74.95.

NRP Skills Videos

Nervous about your upcoming skills session? Click on the icon to review the AAP's videos on CPAP, endotracheal intubation, epinephrine administration, CPR and PPV.

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Call us if you don't see an NRP certification class that fits your schedule. Our staff will try their best to accommodate you depending on our instructor availability.