Baby Bump to Baby Buggy

Maternal Child Training Program

The Maternal Child Training Program is a collection of courses aimed to empower nurses and healthcare providers with continual education of the obstetrical environment. In addition, the Maternal Child Training Program is a great way enhance your resume and thus increase your chances of attaining an obstetrical hospital job or New Grad Program. Courses may be taken individually or in bundles of 2 or more. Please view our discounts below.


Basic Fetal Heart Monitoring


Fundamentals of Labor & Delivery Care


Baby Friendly USA Birth & Beyond Lactation


Fundamentals of Postpartum & Newborn Care


OB Emergencies


Nurses Career Builder (Not included in Package)

Pricing Packages

The Importance of our Program

Nurses Educational Opportunities aims to improve maternal child health through the creation of the Maternal Child Training Program; Baby Bump to Baby Buggy. In particular, the purpose of Maternal Child Health Training Program (Baby Bump to Baby Buggy) is to empower nurses with optional courses to improve the delivery of patient care. Most noteworthy, the obstetrical environment continues its pursuit of knowledge to improve outcomes for the mother and child dyad. Nursing knowledge is ever-evolving, therefore, it is up to the nurse to keep current on progressive methodologies.

Furthermore, inadequate quality of nursing care continues to impact maternal and fetal health in the U.S. Consequently, poor nursing judgement and lack of education has contributed to maternal adverse effects and/or mortality. In short, issues impacting maternal and fetal health include:

  • -Deficiency in skills to respond to medical complications during pregnancy.
  • -Inadequate postpartum care due to unskilled nursing assessments.
  • -Excessive medical interventions that place infants at risk for arrest.
  • -Cultural and ethnic incompetence
  • -Last but not least, lack of mental health screenings and/or lack of postpartum depression knowledge.

Neo’s Maternal Child Training Program will encompass all of these topics, and more.

Why you Should Choose our Program

The mission of the Maternal Child Training program is to prepare you!

Most importantly, New Grads should recognize that there is still so much to learn regarding Maternal Child Care. As a matter of fact, many nursing schools lack the time to cover the vast information that umbrellas this dual patient environment. Ask yourself, am I adept in teaching mothers to successfully breastfeed? Can I confidently interpret fetal heart strips?

On the other hand, current obstetrical nurses should asses their current capacities and determine if they need improvement. Current NICU, Postpartum and Labor and Delivery nurses should ask themselves: What do my patient surveys reflect on my method of care? Do I need improvement? last but not least, am I aware of current evidence based research regarding obstetrical nursing?

Similarly, nurses with current experience seeking to enter maternal child health should equip themselves with knowledge to further increase their chances of obtaining a job. The gap between your last maternal rotation and current experience may have diluted your knowledge of maternal child health care.

Lastly, Neo’s Maternal Child Training Program is here to provide you the confidence and knowledge to embark in this awe-inspiring career.