Do you want to begin your career in Labor & Delivery, NICU or Postpartum?

To increase your chances of entering these competitive fields, NEO has created the Baby Bump to Baby Buggy Program. In particular, Baby Bump to Baby Buggy is a Maternal Child Care Program that includes a variety of certifications; these include, Basic Fetal Heart Monitoring, Birth & Beyond Lactation, Fundamentals of Postpartum & Newborn Care, and Labor & Delivery Care.

Maternal Child Health is a specialized, dual-patient environment, and accordingly, attaining a job in this field is extremely difficult. Despite is competitiveness, it is not impossible to begin your career in Women’s and Children’s health; especially if you have obtained additional knowledge of Maternal Child care modalities. By choosing one or more of these courses, you will enhance your resume and thus increases your opportunities.

Or, do you want to begin your career in the Emergency Department, ICU or Cardiac Care?

The Power your Profession Program enables nurses to achieve success in the Acute Care environment. Patients interned in Critical Care Units are highly sensitive; therefore, healthcare providers entering these units should posses a high degree of knowledge regarding critical care nursing. All in all, these units require one to have critical thinking, plus vast knowledge of various pathological conditions. In order to develop critical thinking, healthcare providers must seek to build a foundation of knowledge.

Furthermore, to develop your critical thinking skills you must first identify the adversity. The adversity may be simply be not knowing the connection between two concepts. After identifying the adversity and then researching, you must then dismiss any information that doesn’t have relevance. All of this begins with curiosity. The healthcare provider that is curious will indeed develop critical thinking skills. Lastly, by completing EKG, 12 Lead, Mechanical Ventilation, Stroke Care, and Trauma Nursing Care you will acquire the tools to better develop your critical thinking skills.

Power Your Profession

Basic to Intermediate EKG Interpretation

Stroke Care 2018 Guidelines

AAP NRP Skills

Managing the Mechanical Ventilator

Management of Assaultive Behavior AB-508

Baby Bump to Baby Buggy

Basic Fetal Heart Monitoring

Labor and Delivery Care

AAP NRP Skills

Postpartum & Newborn Care

Obstetrical Emergencies

Program Information

Price: 5 Classes for 500.00

No substitutions of courses will be permitted. Must present a student ID or non-official transcripts or proof of enrollment or recent graduation. Please call us if you have any questions.

Textbooks Included

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