Power Your Profession Program

Acute Care Training Program

The Power your Profession Program is a collection of courses aimed to empower nurses and healthcare providers with continual education of the acute care environment. Moreover, the Power Your Profession Program is a great way enhance your resume and thus increase your chances of attaining a hospital job or New Grad Program. Courses may be taken individually or in bundles of 2 or more. Please view our discounts below.


Basic to Intermediate EKG Interpretation


Fundamentals of 12 Lead EKG Interpretation


12 Lead EKG Advanced Concepts


Fundamentals of Mechanical Ventilation


Management of Assaultive Behavior AB-508

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Nurses Career Builder Workshop

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The Importance of our Program

Nurses Educational Opportunities passionately assembled various of our recognized Acute Care classes to create the Power Your Profession Program. First and foremost, hospitals prefer to hire well equipped candidates. Preferred abilities for most acute care environments include; the ability to interpret an EKG, 12 Lead, ABG’s and more. Consequently, many nurses lack knowledge of these topics and hospital recognize this fact. Certainly, a hospitals preference should not hold a healthcare provider from acquiring additional knowledge. As a nurse entering the acute care world you may consider to empower yourself with NEO’s Acute Care classes, such as: Management of Assaultive Behavior; the new 2018 stroke care guidelines; NIHSS; as well as, how to interpret 3 to 12 lead EKG’s.

Additionally, for hospitals who don’t have a maternal department it is recommended that ER nurses complete NRP. What is more, a course on how to respond to obstetrical emergencies can reduce mortality rates among expectant mothers. In conclusion, these are few of many reasons why you should empower yourself with NEO’s Acute Care Program.

Why you Should Choose our Program

Knowledge has the power to save lives, consequently, it seems like various nurses lack this motivation. At NEO, we believe that the lack of motivation stems from the fear of failing. For these reasons, we continually strive to facilitate extremely difficult information. What is more, NEO is recognized for providing a fun learning environment and an enjoyable atmosphere. In fact, we have achieved 5 stars on Yelp, Facebook, and Google.

In addition, for the Power your Profession Program we don’t make students buy their own material; rather we create our own for the purpose of reducing your costs. Furthermore, we don’t use PowerPoint or one-way learning tools, instead we focus on providing visuals, and hands-on learning activities to enhance retention. 

Most noteworthy, we offer free refresher courses for those who feel they need additional support. Last but not least, our students and passion for education are the reasons why we go above and beyond to create a worthwhile experience for all learners.