12 Lead EKG Interpretation

Why do healthcare providers need to learn 12 Lead EKG Interpretation?

Think of the a 3 Lead EKG as a selfie. You may get 2 or 3 photos of the heart from a certain angle but you wont get to see the heart as a whole. In contrast, a 12 Lead EKG is like a photo-shoot because you get to see the heart from the right, left, top, and bottom.

As a result the heart does not look the same from all angles and neither do you. For that reason your front side doesn’t look like your backside. Similarly, the heart’s front side does not look like it’s back side; likewise, the heart’s right side does not look like it’s left side. Therefore each photo on a 12 Lead EKG looks very unique and different.

Why should you take NEO’s 12 Lead EKG Course?

Moreover, NEO’s 12 Lead EKG Interpretation course teaches you how to analyze NOT memorize leads I, II, III, AVL, AVR, AVF, and V1 through V6. Even more, this comprehensive 12 ECG class covers topics from the normal pattern, Bundle Branch Blocks, Atrial and Ventricular Hypertrophy, and more. Furthermore, this course places a strong emphasis on  STEMI and non-STEMI patterns including how to analyze changes associated with acute STEMI, previous infarction and Ischemia.

12 Lead EKG Interpretation

12 Lead EKG Contiguous Leads

12 Lead EKG

12 Lead EKG Photoshoot

NEO’s 12 Lead EKG Interpretation Course Includes:

  • Review of cardiac anatomy, coronary arteries, & cardiac conduction.
  • Electrode placement for a 12-lead EKG.
  • Measuring the PQRST in height and time.
  • Pre-cordial leads & chest leads.
  • Lateral, inferior, anterior, and septal leads.
  • Contiguous leads & reciprocal changes.
  • How to determine STEMI, U/A STEMI, and Non-STEMI.
  • 12 Lead EKG STEMI mimics.
  • Right & Left Bundle Branch Block.
  • Atrial and Ventricular Hypertrophy.
  • Anterior & Posterior Fascicular Blocks.
  • Brugada & Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome.
  • Pericarditis.
  • Pulmonary Embolism.
  • And much more!

Class Information

Price: $150.00

12 Lead Perspective (Textbook Included)

Awarded 6 Contact Education Hours

CEH’s: Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing for 6 contact hours. CEP#13004.

Recommended For

Healthcare providers who work in the Emergency Department (ER), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Critical Care Unit (CCU), Medical Surgical Department, Telemetry Unit, Cardiac Catheterization Lab, and Cardiology Clinics

Including, Nursing or Medical School Students as well as New Graduates

Recommended for Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians

Last but not least, for those seeking to complete Contact Education Hours

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