Fundamentals of 12 Lead EKG

About Fundamentals of 12 Lead EKG Interpretation

Fundamentals of 12 lead EKG is an ESSENTIAL course because a 3 lead may not be enough. Think of a 3 lead EKG as a selfie, whereas the 12 lead EKG is like is a complete photo-shoot. A 3 lead provides you with 1 or 2 photos from a certain angle, but you wont see the heart as a whole. Conversely, a 12 lead EKG provides images from the inferior, lateral and anterior walls; Therefore you will have a complete photo-shoot of most angles of the heart.

Overall, students will learn how to utilize this diagnostic tool to determine cardiovascular pathologies. Additionally, the P, QRS, T and how it relates to the cardiac cycle will be discussed in great detail. Accordingly, learners will be better able to understand abnormalities of interval lengths, depression, elevation, inversion, notching and intrinsic deflection. Furthermore, this course places a strong emphasis on STEMI and non-STEMI patterns. Students will learn to effectively analyze changes associated with acute STEMI, previous infarction, as well as Ischemia.

Why you should choose NEO for Fundamentals of 12 Lead EKG

What sets NEO apart from other training sites is that we truly care about your learning needs because we understand that everyone learns differently. Our goal has always been to teach students to understand rather than to memorize. We highly recommend completing a Basic EKG Interpretation class prior to taking this class. Lastly, upon completion of this course, students will learn to effectively interpret and understand this diagnostic tool.

Course Information

Course Fee: $150.00

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Awarded 6 Contact Education Hours

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