Basic EKG Interpretation

Basic to Intermediate EKG Interpretation

Basic EKG Interpretation with Pharmacology is a notoriously challenging course.

Indeed, the Basic EKG Interpretation class can be extremely overwhelming. Nonetheless, as a healthcare provider, your basic skills should include EKG strip interpretation. For these reasons and more, we strive to make EKG easy and fun. NEO is renowned for simplifying difficult concepts. Above all, with NEO’s Basic EKG class you will increase your chances of passing hospital exams.

To summarize, topics covered include; identifying the P, Q, R, S, and T wave. Additionally, learners will acquire an in-depth understanding of where a rhythm originates. For instance, electrical impulses can originate in sinus, junction or ventricular pacemakers. Therefore, a rhythm can be sinus, junctional or ventricular. Subsequently, students will learn to analyze numerous strips. Analyzing methods will help to determine heart rate, wave intervals, as well as wave formations. The Basic EKG class is not a didactic, rather we utilize visuals and various teaching modalities to enhance understanding. Students will learn to visualize what occurs to the heart during an arrhythmia in contrast to just memorizing a strip.

In addition to learning basic arrhythmia’s, students will learn other rhythms not offered in most EKG courses.

Students will comfortably learn Intermediate EKG Interpretation. Intermediate EKG arrhythmia’s include Idio-ventricular plus junction rhythms. Even more, left and right bundle branch blocks will be discussed. Furthermore, this arrhythmia class will cover pharmacological interventions. Most noteworthy, this course prepares all our learners for the 12 Lead EKG Interpretation class.

Lastly, this arrhythmia class is recommended for anyone who has a hard time understanding EKG. Experienced healthcare providers, new grads and students are welcomed to attend. Click here to view our Student and New Grad discount.

Course Price: $150.00

Duration: 8:00 am-1:00 pm

Textbook Included

Awarded 6 Contact Education Hours CEP#13004

Orange County Class Schedule

To schedule over the phone please call our Costa Mesa office at 714-979-4022

San Diego Class Schedule

To schedule over the phone please call our San Diego office at 858-748-3300

Basic EKG Interpretation followed by Intermediate EKG Interpretation - Arrhythmia class

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This is the best ekg class ever. I highly recommend this to anyone trying to really understand why a heartblock happens among other arrythmias. I feel confident to continuing to learn and understand more because of nurses Ed.