Basic Fetal Heart Monitoring

The fetus that is developing within the uterus needs adequate oxygen to thrive.

Nurses Educational Opportunities, or NEO’s, Basic Fetal Heart Monitoring course focuses profoundly on this fact. Most importantly, fetal heart monitoring is essential in determining fetal hypoxia. Fetal hypoxia, most notably, is determined by assessing the following; maternal contractions with the fetal heart rate, variables, as well as variability. Hence, NEO’s Basic Fetal Heart Monitoring course visually and didactically explains how to accurately determine these wave forms.

In addition, obstetrical nurses must carefully assess and prepare mothers for a successful outcome. Due to the fact that thorough assessments are crucial NEO dives in-depth into the subject or pre-and-post-natal evaluations. Accordingly, the first prenatal visit is essential in determining the risk factors that may cause a poor outcome. Moreover, prenatal surveillance encompasses antenatal testing of: The Biophysical Profile, Non-stress Test, Contraction Test, including Amniotic Fluid Volume; all which will be discussed in this class.

Furthermore, Nurses Educational Opportunities’ Basic Fetal Heart Monitoring encompasses surveillance during labor; most notably, during the Second Stage of Delivery as the fetus is descending into and through the pelvic structures at a time the fetus is most vulnerable to hypoxia. Last but not least, the Obstetrician relies on the Labor and Delivery Nurse to accurately communicate the changes using standard specific terminology. In conclusion, this course will teach aspiring or current Labor and Delivery Nurses the Standard Specific Terminology that you must use in documentation and communication.

On final note, New Grads don’t forget to acquire the mandatory AAP NRP certification. Click here for more information on the NRP certification.

Class Information

Course Price: $150.00

Basic Fetal Heart Monitoring to the 4th Power

Duration: 4 Hours

Awarded 6 CEH's

CEH’s: Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing for 6 contact hours CEP#13004.

Recommended for:

Students enrolled in a Nursing Program, New Grads & Re-entry Nurses.

Additionally, transfer Nurses who would like to enter Labor & Delivery Care.

Moreover, healthcare providers who work in prenatal care, family health clinics, or midwifery.

Lastly, recommended for those seeking to complete Maternal Child Health Contact Education Hours

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Awesome Class!
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This class was great! I loved how easy to understand Jane made the course. It goes very in depth but Jane helps you get the big picture concepts.