Obstetrical Emergencies

When a fetus is in distress, speed and accuracy during an Obstetrical Emergency is crucial.

In situations of cardiac-arrest in a gravid woman, it may be necessary to perform an emergency C-section. In fact, the quicker this is accomplished, the better chance of survival for both mother and infant. This course will present an algorithm providing the steps of the “Obstetrical Emergencies” as sanctioned by the AHA.

How do you determine the age of the fetus, and why is this important?
What is the recommended positioning for the cardiac arrest victim?
What equipment is required?
How will you auscultate the fetus during this procedure?

In addition, students will learn why time is of the essence, and the importance of immediately alerting the neonatal team.

Can you keep your cool in this dire situation?

Obstetrical Emergencies provides students with the knowledge and confidence to react during this multiple life-threatening emergency.

OB Splash and Cut Textbook

Class Information

Price: $150.00

Obstetrical Emergencies (Included)

Awarded 6 Contact Education Hours

CEH’s: Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing for 6 contact hours. CEP#13004.

Recommended for

-Healthcare providers who work in the Labor and Delivery Department and Labor and Delivery Department.

-Members of the Rapid Response Team

-Moreover, Nursing Students, New Grads, and Transfer Nurses

-Lastly, healthcare providers seeking to gain in-class CEH’s

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