Maternal Child Training Program

Fundamentals of Labor & Delivery Care

Labor and Delivery Care may be taken individually or with the discount package

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The Fundamentals of Labor & Delivery Care class provides a comprehensive introduction to the care of the mother and fetus in the Labor and Delivery Unit. Labor and Delivery is a unique department because obstetrical nurses are responsible for the complete care of two patients; for this reason, Labor nurses should be knowledgeable about the potential complications that may occur with mothers and infants.

To begin with, students will learn how to recognize physical and emotional findings indicative of maternal progress during labor. In addition, the instructor overviews the nursing implementations for cervical ripening agents and Pitocin. Also, students will learn how to perform ongoing assessments of maternal progress throughout the three stages of labor. Last but not least, students will learn how to appropriately respond to emergent situations, like; umbilical cord prolapse, shoulder dystocia, fetal bradycardia, as well as abnormal fetal heart rate patterns.

Nurses Educational Opportunities holds a genuine passion for women’s and children’s health. In particular, maternal mortality rates in the United States have steadily increased; in view of this fact, we seek to improve maternal outcomes by preparing nurses on how perform effective obstetrical care.

Above all, our goal is to provide nurses with the proper knowledge to help empower mothers throughout the labor journey. Our mission, for one thing, is to deliver passionate teaching without PowerPoint, dull material, and monotonous communication. Accordingly, our instructors will ensure that learners feel ready to carefully assess and prepare mothers for a successful outcome. Lastly, this course will equip you with the knowledge to better respond to a patient’s physiological and psychological needs. For more information on maternal mortality rates, click here. 

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