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About Jane Carsrud

Twenty years ago, I watched AHA Instructors demean and humiliate students in an ACLS Course. In fact, instructors often remarked on their ability to crush a student’s self-esteem. During this time I thought to myself,” Is it possible to make these classes enjoyable, yet learn-able.” Thus, I set out to do just that. My goal was to present these classes in a stress-free and enjoyable manner for students to essentially learn ACLSPALSECGNRPFetal Heart Monitoring and other difficult concepts. Together with my team and me, we’ve been able to accomplish my goal. Our ability to make learning understandable and enjoyable has allowed NEO to grow and expand.

About Nurses Educational Opportunities

NEO has primarily grown because we work hard to create a pleasant learning environment. For example, for Postpartum and L&D providers who MUST complete the NRP certification, even though they do not apply NICU-based care, we say to you “NRP shouldn’t be so hard.” We emphasize that “we must always start with positive pressure ventilation or PPV.” PPV should cause the chest to rise and fall. Next, healthcare providers should monitor the pulse oximetry and heart rate. Be on guard! If the heart rate falls below 60 beats per minute INTUBATE first; then begin chest compression’s. After that “it’s EPI time.” Breaking down and highlighting key information guarantees that healthcare providers will learn difficult concepts.

My business further grew because we were able to listen to our student’s requests and deliver what they needed. Everything we do, we do for our fellow healthcare providers. For example, New Grads often stressed to us that they couldn’t get a job because they had no experience. How dreadful! To go through school, pass the exam, yet the new Grad is unable to find a job.  Together, we contemplated how we could help. With that, we took my experience in the Maternal Child Cluster, plus Acute Care nursing and prepared courses for the New Grad to take to boost their chances.

Trauma classes for EMTs and Nurses

Additional Courses and Certifications

To better prepare New Grads, and current healthcare provider, we began teaching Basic Fetal Heart MonitoringPostpartum Care, Labor and Delivery Care and Neonatal Intensive CareIn addition, we added Intermediate Fetal Heart Monitoring and Advanced Fetal Heart Monitoring. Moreover, many new grads wanted to enter the Acute Care environment, therefore, with my experience in these areas we wrote and presented courses in; 12-lead ECGMechanical Ventilation Management, Trauma Assessment, MAB 508, and Stroke Care. Since then, many new grads have attributed NEO’s courses and certifications to their success in finding a position within the Maternal Child Care triad and Critical Care Units.

In conclusion, the nurse has many options to take advanced classes. However, what makes NEO so unique is that we understand that everyone learns differently. Therefore, we cater our classes to all kinds of learners. You can trust that Nurses Educational Opportunities has your back, whatever your educational needs may be