Managing the Mechanical Ventilator

Mechanical Ventilation

Recipe for creating a breath

Managing the Mechanical Ventilator will empower nurses with the knowledge to understand ventilation management.

Moreover, at the end of the course the nurse will be able to confidently answer:

“What do I need to know to plan my shift?”

“Which patient assessment parameters are crucial?”

“What evidence-based practice guidelines should I follow?”

The key in caring for patients who are on a mechanical ventilator is to have a thorough understanding on the basics of mechanical ventilation.

Above all, nurses are at the front lines of patient care and therefore are most likely to encounter a problem. Thus, prompt recognition of ventilator associated problems may help resolve acute respiratory distress or arrest. Additionally, vigilance helps prevent lung injury. Even more, the lungs are fragile hence susceptible to damage from excessive oxygen, large tidal volumes, and fast respiratory rates.

Furthermore, nursing is becoming more specialized. As a result, nurses are likely to be assigned a patient on a mechanical ventilator. For this reason, nurses must be informed about the functions and limitations of ventilator modes. Moreover, when needed, nurses must understand proper management of ventilator settings. Additionally, nurse must know who to inform if the mechanically ventilated patient deteriorates.

Finally, Managing the Mechanical Ventilator provides nurses with a thorough understanding of mechanical and natural ventilation. Seems like a tough subject, but with visuals, hands-on approach, and  a fun environment you will learn difficult concepts.

Class Information

Price: $115.00

Managing the Mechanical Ventilator (Textbook Included)

Awarded 6 Contact Education Hours

Recommended for

ER, ICU, CCU, Med-Surgical, Sub ICU, plus Long Term Care Healthcare Providers

Great for Step-Down or Recovery Care Units.

Including, Nursing, Respiratory Therapists as well as Medical School Graduates

Additionally, recommended for current Medical or Nursing Students

Last but not least, for those seeking to complete Contact Education Hours

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