Fundamentals of Neonatal Intensive Care

“Care should proceed with the absence of excruciating pain and unnecessary suffering and develop toward a capacity for the newborn to enjoy and participate in the human experiences over a life prolonged beyond infancy,” -Brian S. Carter, MD contributor to Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care.

Care of the sick or premature infant requires compassion interconnected with knowledge of the pathophysiological occurrences of the newborn. This course will provide the NICU nurse with the ability to critically understand the symptomology and the needs of these infants.

This one-day course is available monthly in Orange County and San Diego.  Course duration is 5 hours and awards 5 CE hours upon completion. Textbook included in course fee. Recommended for nursing students, new grads, and NICU nurses.

Course Information

Course Fee: $150.00

Textbook Included

Awarded 6 Contact Education Hours

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