Intermediate Fetal Heart Monitoring

AWHONN Fetal Heart Monitoring Program

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Intermediate Fetal Heart Monitoring

$ 230
Does Not Include Student Materials
  • In-Class Session
  • Required: 7th Edition Student Pak $135
  • Duration: 2 Days - 16 Hours
  • CNE/CME contact hours 18/15:25
    CNE Expires 12.31.2021 Awarded by AWHONN

Be Prepared

Purchase your materials a week before class.

Go to Kendal Hunt to purchase the Student Pak for $135.

The Intermediate Student Pak is not available at NEO.

Intermediate Student Pak 7th Edition

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Purchase the Student Pak

Students MUST purchase the AWHONN Intermediate Student Pak. In addition, we HIGHLY recommend purchasing materials from Kendall Hunt because we do not have the textbook or student pak available in-office. The student pack cost is $135 via Kendall Hunt’s website. 

Additionally, we recommend the Fetal Heart Monitoring Principles & Practices textbook as a reference material. As a precaution, students should not purchase the textbook as a replacement for the Student Pak.

AWHONN Intermediate Fetal Heart Monitoring is the first instructor-led course in the FHM learning pathway.  Most noteworthy, Intermediate Fetal Heart Monitoring facilitates difficult concepts by presenting content in a standardized format. Additionally, this course serves as an educational assessment to validate the knowledge and skills of experienced perinatal clinicians. Finally, successful completion of skills stations and the integration test results in a statement of Intermediate Fetal Monitoring Course Knowledge Validation by AWHONN. To summarize, the skills stations covered offer demonstration as well as testing of the following:

This comprehensive 2-day instructor-led course, revised in 2017, is critical for enhancing and validating nurses and physicians’ ability to interpret and respond to fetal heart monitoring tracings.  

Skills taught and knowledge assessed include:

   -Maternal and fetal Physiology

   -Interpretation of fetal and uterine monitor tracings.

   -Evaluation of auscultated fetal heart sounds

   -Leopold’s Maneuvers

   -Placement of fetal spiral electrodes and intrauterine pressure catheters

   -Evaluation of and strategies for enhancing communication

This course assumes that the learner has previously completed entry-level/basic fetal monitoring education. It is designed for perinatal clinicians who utilize fetal heart monitoring in the intrapartum setting.

Caution, this course is not for unlicensed students or new grads. Likewise, clinicians with limited intrapartum care may require additional clinical experience to gain the required knowledge base.

In contrast, experienced obstetrical providers may consider AWHONN Advanced Fetal Heart Monitoring.

Contact Hours

To obtain 18 contact hours of CNE and 15.25 hours of CME, participants must attend the entire course and complete an online feedback form.

Orange County Office: 714-979-4022

San Diego Office: 858-748-3300


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Required Student Pak

Most hospitals mandate the completion of the IFHM exam. That being the case, click on the icon to purchase the REQUIRED 6th Ed. Intermediate Student Pack for $120.

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IFHM Textbook

Click on the icon to purchase the Fetal Heart Monitoring Principles and Practices Print Book for $76.95. Also, an eBook option is available to purchase for $64.95.