Fundamentals of Labor & Delivery Care

The main role of the labor and delivery care nurse is to empower mothers through the childbirth experience.

Are you ready to help mothers throughout this difficult journey?

Labor and Delivery is a unique department because in reality, L&D nurses are responsible for the complete care of two patients. Consequently, these nurses fulfill many roles. They are attentive to childbirth joys and pains, and knowledgeable of many potential complications that can occur with both mother and infant.

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Additionally, L&D nurses coach mothers through the many stages of labor, for instance, offering pain management advice during difficult contractions. Most noteworthy, in recent times we have experienced a revolution regarding medical care management of pregnant women and their infants. Hence, L&D nurses are required to be adept in promoting holistic approaches to pain. Also, they need to understand the importance of skin-to-skin practices. In addition, L&D nurses need to be skilled in techniques and issues associated with new mothers as they begin breastfeeding. Hospitals are always seeking nurses who are educated and/or experienced in the most up-to-date L&D practices, including lactation training.

Are you confident in your fetal monitoring skills and maternal assessments?

Furthermore, NEO’s Labor and Delivery Care course emphasizes the important concepts of each stage in the labor process. Last but not least, this class will equip you with the knowledge to respond to a patient’s physiological and psychological needs during each stage and after delivery.

Class Information

Price: $115.00

Labor and Delivery Care to the 4th Power

Awarded 6 Contact Education Hours

CEH’s: Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing for 6 contact hours. CEP#13004.

Recommended for

Students enrolled in a Nursing Program.

Additionally, New Grads & Re-entry Nurses are welcome to enroll!

Transfer Nurses who would like to enter Labor & Delivery Care.

Lastly, recommended for those seeking to complete Contact Education Hours

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