Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

The Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) course is designed for healthcare providers who directly participate in the resuscitation of a patient, whether in or out of the hospital.  In this course, you will enhance your skills in the treatment of arrest and in peri-arrest patients through active participation in a series of simulated cardiopulmonary cases. These simulations are designed to reinforce important concepts, including the identification and treatment of medical conditions that place the patient at risk for cardiac arrest. The BLS Primary Survey and the ACLS Secondary Survey is presented. Effective resuscitation of team dynamics is also presented. The goal of the ACLS course is to improve the quality of care provided to the adult victim of cardiac arrest or other cardiopulmonary emergencies.

AHA ACLS is required by every hospital and outpatient facility that offers healthcare services to adults. The ACLS certification card is valid for two years and must be renewed before the end of the expiration month.

The most current (2015 edition) AHA ACLS textbook is required for all ACLS classes.

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FREE ACLS Prep-Course

Everyone who plans to attend an ACLS class is required to complete an online pre-assessment before the day of your class. You can do the pre-assessment at home, or you can do it in our office with help from our instructors as a part of our ACLS Prep-Course. This course is recommended for first-time ACLS students.
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Three ways to complete your ACLS:

  1. ACLS Renewal Class: For those with a current, non-expired ACLS card.
  2. ACLS Initial Class: For those who have never taken ACLS before, or for those with an expired card.
  3. Heartcode ACLS: Complete the ACLS course online and complete skills testing in our office.

ACLS Renewal

Duration: 6.5 hours (1-day course)

Price: $155.00

Required: AHA ACLS Textbook (2015 Edition); ACLS Online pre-assessment; Current ACLS card

Recommended for: All healthcare providers in the hospital setting, nursing students, and new grads. Must have a current, non-expired card to attend renewal class.

Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing for 6.5. contact hours. CEP #13004.

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ACLS Certification

Duration: 12.5 hours (1-day course)

Price: $185.00

Required: AHA ACLS Textbook (2015 Edition); ACLS Online pre-assessment

Recommended for: All healthcare providers in the hospital setting, nursing students, and new grads. ACLS providers with an expired certification card are required to attend the ACLS Initial course.

Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing for 12.5 contact hours. CEP #13004.

Need BLS? Add-on BLS the same day!

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Heartcode ACLS

Complete your ACLS online at www.onlineaha.org. The online portion takes approximately four hours. Then, come in to our office for the skills testing.
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Online Exam Fee: $135.00
Skills Fee: $100.00

Required for ACLS

2015 Textbook

2015 ACLS Textbook

The AHA requires that each student has the current ACLS textbook.

You can purchase a textbook from us during your online registration, or you can purchase one in our office on the day of your class.

If you have a textbook, or are able to borrow one from your facility or a co-worker, bring it with you to your class.


ACLS Pre-Assessment

The ACLS pre-assessment is mandatory for all ACLS courses. You are required to complete the pre-assessment online before the day of your class. Need help with the pre-assessment? Come in for an ACLS prep-course and our instructors will help you.

The ACLS pre-assessment can be found at www.heart.org/eccstudent
CODE: acls15

Please note:

-You must pass with a score of 70% or higher
-You can take the pre-assessment an unlimited number of times
-Your progress is NOT saved, so you must print out your results immediately. If you do not have access to a printer, take a screenshot or picture of your results.


Current ACLS Card

If you are taking an ACLS renewal class, bring your current card (or a copy of your current card) to ensure it has not yet expired.

AHA ACLS Course Objectives

Course Objectives 

Upon the completion this ACLS course the learner will be able to:

Simulate a team leader and a team member
Simulate airway management
Verbalize the steps to assist in intubation
Verbalize 5 steps in confirming ET tube placement Verbalize the definition of ROCS Verbalize the Hs and Ts with the signs and symptoms and interventions
Verbalize the four interventions for Bradycardia
Verbalize the technique of managing the pacemaker
Discuss an unstable tachycardia and the steps in cardioversion
Discuss a stable tachycardia and appropriate drug interventions
Verbalize the time frame required to initiate stroke interventions
Discuss the signs and symptoms of ACS and interventions
Discuss the signs and symptoms of acute stroke

Recommended for:

  • Nursing students
  • Healthcare professionals who take care of adults in a hospital setting – Emergency Department, ICU, Med-Surg, Telemetry, Post-Op and Pre-Op, Labor & Delivery, Postpartum
  • Healthcare professionals working in Surgical Centers

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Complimentary Study Guides

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