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Become a Breastfeeding Advocate

Breastfeeding Education

Education for professionals, or the lack of it, has been and continues to be a barrier to breastfeeding. A healthcare provider’s attitude, personal beliefs and values can greatly impact a mother’s ability to initiate or maintain breastfeeding. Certainly, the lack of support from healthcare providers is related to the difficulties healthy women experience with breastfeeding. Despite efforts to improve breastfeeding management, healthcare

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Patient-Family Centered Care

Respect for all people

When a child becomes ill, the entire family needs care. In order to create a true healing environment, we must make every effort to keep families together, communicate fully and frequently, and make shared decisions. Patients and families are partners in care. This is referred to as Patient & Family Centered Care, or PFCC. The following principles provide a foundation

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Multi-disciplinary Care

Multidisciplinary Care Team

Teamwork is important in nursing because it provides faster, safer and more efficient patient care. Teamwork in nursing care has a variety of benefits such as improved outcomes, effective communication, enhanced colleague knowledge and increased job satisfaction. Nurses do not only treat patients, they also offer information to patients and families and provide emotional support to those who may require

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Chain of Command = The Line of Authority

I can almost guarantee that someone will give you a conflict resolution question at your interview and ask you how you would resolve this conflict. It is not the situation that is important.  It is your answer to any conflict – which it goes through the “Chain of Command.”  Know this chain of command for your interview. Every hospital, indeed,

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Training for New Grad Nurses and the Impact of the Affordable Care Act

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act The effect of hospitals responding the Affordable Care Act has impacted hospital reimbursement, professional practice standard and hospital employment.  Since 2010 hospitals have seen payment reduction upwards of $117 billion and more than $58 billion in Medicare sequestration cuts.  Hospitals are scaling back!! Blah! 4800 jobs nationwide were lost in December 2030 3600

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Renew BLS, ACLS, and PALS in One Day

To complete ACLS, PALS, and BLS in one day, the AHA offers Heartcode courses online. After completing the Heartcode online course, you can complete your skills for all three classes in one day. Before you sign up for a Heartcode clas, read the Pros and Cons of Heartcode classes. Pros: The online exam offers convenience to take it from home,

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