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[dropcap]U[/dropcap]pon completion of your course, you receive an official AHA card.

  • AHA cards have to be renewed every 2 years.
  • Date format on your card has to be:

Issue Date: Month/Year

Expiration Date: Month/Year

  • You have until the last day of the Expiration Month to renew your AHA card. Once your card expires, you have to sign-up for a certification course.

If you work at the hospital, you will become very familiar with these AHA courses.

Contact us if you have any questions!

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he American Heart Association (AHA) is the Gold Standard for continuing education for healthcare professionals. You will discover the most current scientific and clinical guidelines about how to assess life threatening emergencies, intervene, and organize a resuscitation team for adults, children, and infants. There’s lots to learn!

At NEO, we love our students – new grads, re-entry nurses, the night shifts! We delivery the most fun, convenient, and effective courses for you. We have these courses organized with our pre-study guides.

Our instructors are consistent with their teaching methods. You will learn how to interpret ECG arrhythmias. You will feel confident with patient assessment. You’ll have fun learning it too!

The AHA has a specific class for Adult, Pediatric, and Neonatal resuscitation, and a Basic class to introduce CPR resuscitation outside the hospital with the AED.

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American Heart Association ClassesDurationPrice
AHA BLS Renewal/ Certification3.5 Hrs$50/ $75
AHA ACLS Certification5.5 hrs, 2 days$180
AHA ACLS Renewal5.5 hrs$150
AHA PALS Certification6.5 hrs, 2 days$185
AHA PALS Renewal6.5 hrs$180
AHA/ AAP NRP Skills2 hrs$100
Assisted NRP (includes NRP Skills)2 hrs$200



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American Heart Association Textbooks

American Heart Association Textbook 2010 ECC Guidelines

AHA BLS Textbook 2010

AHA/ AAP NRP Textbook 2011

AHA PALS Textbook 2010 ECC Guidelines