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How to Start CPR?

Providing CPR to adults 1. Assess for Scene Safety Before approaching an unresponsive victim, ensure that your surroundings are safe. If the scene is not safe, you are putting yourself and/or other bystanders at risk of injury. Here are a few examples of scene that is NOT safe: The victim is surrounded by fire, poison, or exposed electric circuits The

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Fast-Track for Critical Care

Beginning to Intermediate ECG Interpretation For the ER, ICU, Medical/Surgical Unit, and Telemetry Nurse. Recommended for all Nurses and healthcare professionals who work in the hospital. Many hospitals require a routine ECG exam for Telemetry, Med-Surg, ED, and even Labor & Delivery nurses! Learn to identify abnormal rhythms with confidence! Take the fear out of ECG interpretation! Provider approved by » Read more

Fast-Track to Maternal Child Care

Maternal Child Classes for New Grad Nurses, and Transition Nurses Build your Resume for Labor & Delivery, Postpartum, and NICU! From Baby Bump to Baby Buggy is a series of courses designed for new grads and re-entry nurses seeking opportunities in Maternal Child Care. All courses are taught by experienced RNs. All courses award FREE continuing education hours upon completion. » Read more