Lactation Consultant in Routine Pregnancy Care

You don’t have to be a Lactation Consultant to empower New Moms to breastfeed! Start with a 2-day Lactation Training that satisfies the didactic BabyFriendly Criteria (BFHI). Then complete your 5 hours of clinical competencies at your hospital. Voila! You’re a BabyFriendly Nurse!

Every Nurse caring for Mom and Baby helps the new parents to bond and create a habitat for their new family! Is your hospital BabyFriendly and FamilyFriendly? Then, you need to show Dad how to enjoy skin-to-skin with his baby! You will tear up when you hear the stories.

Experience the joy of empowering New Moms to take care of their newborns!

Join Birth & Beyond OC for a 2-day 16 hour Lactation Training.

 It’s a long road to becoming a Lactation Consultant. Every trip starts with a single step!

A Lactation Consultant is qualified to suggest different techniques for special circumstances, like tongue-tie. New studies show that New Moms resistant to breastfeeding continued doing it for several months with occasional visits with LCs. Wouldn’t you want ot know how to do that?

LCs can deal with the more complicated scenarios, premies, and congenital defects.

The long road to becoming a Lactation Educator can be quite an achievement. It takes 9-12months, and up to $5000, and countless hours writing reports, attending clinicals and demonstrating competencies. It’s a fight worth fighting!

According to recent studies published in American Journal of Public Health, new moms resistant to breastfeeding