Adam & Eve – The Analytical Mind Meets the Reproductive Body

After God made the heavens and the earth, he then filled the oceans and lakes with fish and then filled the land with vegetation for his animals to thrive. He then set out to make man and woman.

He began with man and made him the “protector” with large muscles to build a shelter and an analytical brain to solve problems. God then made woman to reproduce a child that is a liking of her and her man. Now, God had to spend some extra time on woman for this extraordinary responsibility in God’s plan.
To reproduce, woman must have the ability to “build a nest” for her infant to grow. God figured the nest should be within the woman’s womb, with adequate blood and an oxygen transport system for the infant to grow for about 9 months and be safe from the outside world. God then determined to supply this fetus with adequate nutrients; the woman would need to increase her blood volume. God figured 50% more would be adequate. Now, with all that blood volume the BP needs to be tweaked to accommodate
the increased volume of blood during pregnancy. God’s master plan included more
hemoglobin molecules to transport the additional oxygen requirement for the growing
fetus. With a growing fetus in the nest, woman’s lung capacity would be affected and
the mother’s lung volume would be decreased ever so slightly so the heart had to step
up and work a little harder to accommodate the increased oxygen consumption of the
woman’s body.
Like adding ingredients to a cake mixture, God added hormones to the plan to make it
all come together. He added more estrogen to cause the BP to decrease, He added
prolactin to stimulate lactation and increase cardiovascular contractility, and He added
progesterone to stimulate lactation.
Like baking a cake to prevent it from falling, He added additional clotting factors to
generate a coagulopathy state at the time of birth to prevent her from bleeding after
delivery. He added more fibrinogen and thrombin.
God’s woman must be able to allow the infant to bond with her and supply nourishment.
God gave woman mammary glands conveniently placed on mother’s chest for the infant
to feed and comfort himself. The mammary glands would produce amazing breast milk.
Breast milk would keep the infant from getting sick and nourishment would always be
available as long as the infant was with his mother.
To accomplish this, the infant must be able to find the breast after delivery. So God
gave the baby the ability to see after the baby is born. Therefore, God darkened the
mother’s areola so the baby could see where he should go. Then He allowed amniotic
fluid to be secreted through the breast so baby could direct his journey toward the smell.
As baby crawled up the abdomen to the breast, the knees would then stimulate the
uterus to contract and prevent uterine atony.
The infant’s stomach is the size of a grape – he doesn’t need a whole lot of milk supply
to fill his stomach. The milk supply from mother is minimal but super valuable to protect the infant from digestive disorders and disease. The infant will act like he’s hungry, but he just wants to suck!! God figured the infant should have a pug nose to keep his airway open during sucking. It’s the sucking that initiates the flow of breast milk. The more the infant sucks the more breastmilk that is produced. With all this suckling and touching the baby bonds with mother and mother bonds with baby and they never want to
become separated. Baby learns to trust his mother and attachment occurs. Like all
mammals, mothers are always with their babies and babies are always with their
mothers to mature and eventually take care of their selves.
Meanwhile, The Protector senses something is occurring with his woman and he is now
enlarging the shelter. God was pleased with his work. Everything was running
Remember Man with his analytical mind? In the 1940’s man thought if he could create
breast milk and store it into a bottle and place a nipple on the top, he could then get
woman back on the work force and grandma could feed the infant at home and the
woman could bring home “some bacon.” Man created something that would replace
breast milk and called it “Formula.” Well, at least it had an impressive scientific name.
Man’s analytical mind is now spinning out of control and decides he can make the
birthing process better for woman. Man creates the “obstetrical stirrups” so man could
have a clear view of the birth canal oblivious of the fact the woman cannot push her
infant out in such a position. But as you know, it is all about the convenience of man!

If the infant is still reluctant to be born, man created a vacuum suction to help pull the
infant out and Mothers wondered why her infant had a cone shaped head.
If the woman cannot tolerate the pain of birth, man with his analytical brain, created the
epidural to reduce pain and then Man created Pitocin to increase uterine contractions.
And if the man is anxious to get the baby delivered he then determined that he could
cut the abdomen surgically and deliver the baby through the abdomen. This man’s
name was Dr. Cesarean. With the advanced birthing process infant is now subject to
birth trauma and Mother is too exhausted to breastfeed so man’s formula is given.
Recently, women got together and figured out that it’s time to get back to basics!

All babies should have the gift of Mother’s Breast Milk for them to have a greater chance of
thriving in today’s world. Mothers should have the option to have a birth that is
conducive for a natural birth and reduce the chances of birth trauma for her infant and
herself. Women determined that Baby Friendly and Maternal Friendly plans should be

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