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The Influence of the Affordable Care Act

The Influence of the Affordable Care Act

The effect of hospitals responding the Affordable Care Act has impacted hospital reimbursement and hospital employment. Since 2010 hospitals have seen payment reduction upwards of $117 billion and more than $58 billion in Medicare sequestration cuts. Hospitals are scaling back!! bla

  • 4800 jobs nationwide were lost in December 2030
  • 3600 jobs nationwide were lost in January 2014
  • 1200 jobs nationwide were lost in February 2014

For the new grad or reentry nurse this means he or she will now be responsible for his or her own education. The reimbursement from the hospital for educational hours is no longer affordable and new hires must come to the table with the expertise and willingness to be responsible for their own professional growth.

Yet, hospitals seem to be undaunted by these reforms and are forging ahead with Magnet Hospitals, Baby Friendly and Maternal Friendly Hospitals with evidence based practices, shared governances, multi-disciplinary approaches, clinical practice counsels and patient family centered care.

Why Choose Maternal-Child Health as your Profession

Women’s and Child’s Health became a significant focus with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) One in four adult women in California were uninsured which accounted for 2.7 million uninsured women. The following reforms have impacted the woman and her dependents.

  • Dependent coverage extended to age 26
  • No preexisting condition exclusion
  • Insurance plans can no longer charger higher premiums to women
  • Individual insurance plans typically excluded maternity care and presently employer-based plans include maternity care.
  • All new plans must cover recommended preventive services

Recommended services for Private Plans include

  • Well women visits
  • Gestational diabetes, HIV and STI screening and counseling
  • HPV testing
  • FDA-approved contraceptives
  • Breastfeeding support, supplies and counseling
  • Interpersonal and domestic screening and counseling.

With the current focus on Maternal Child well-being, I have chosen this field for the new grad and reentry nurse to pursue a career in the hospital setting. The Maternal Child unit is the most sought after position. This all-encompassing programs is taught by experienced nurses in their field of practice. Course were written by the Director of the program, Jane Carsrud RN, NRP instructor certified, and AHA instructor certified for ACLS, PALS and BLS, Birth and Beyond instructor certified in lactation education.

Our Maternal Child Program will make your resume & skills stand out! Hospital jobs are hard to come by these days. Put your best foot forward!

Jane Carsrud RN, Director of Nurses Educational Opportunities.