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Many are asking you to step down. I am asking you to step up.

As a Register Nurse and Nurse Educator, we teach our nurses how to spot abuse in our children, in our women, and in our elderly. We have screening tools to document such incidences. As nurses, we report this to social services and put a band aid on our patients and send them back to the environment where they were abused – but things never change they only escalate.
You have the finances, resources, notoriety to create a campaign to make a difference. It is important to know how violence and neglect begins. Take a few minutes from your hectic schedule and review “The Six Core Strengths of Healthy Childhood Development.” This is eye opening. Note that the theory starts in infancy with “self-regulation” and then progresses when children take their feelings to school. Why are some children “school yard bullies?” These children then grow up and become our “children with weapons.” There is a difference between these children and others. They have no remorse for their actions. They have no bad feelings for hurting others. They have no regret for killing.
School yard bullies escalate and school shootings heighten. Our children are learning that “power” is how we make a difference. Our football players must be powerful to succeed. Power seeps into our law-enforcement with police brutality. Power seeps into nursing homes where the clients are taken advantage of because of their frailty. Power seeps into our nannies and babysitters where the children are vulnerable because of their size.
We must start in the beginning. We cannot start in the middle. The middle is too late – the behavior is so engrained.
You have the staff to create a campaign against violence. You have the financial resources to make it nation-wide. You have the arena to speak up. Your have the sponsors to support the campaign. You can make a difference.

Jane Carsrud, RN

Nurses Educational Opportunities