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    Response from The White House!

    Holy Smokes! Look you guys! Look what Jane found in her email today! Happy Weekend! Dear Jane:Thank you for writing.  I have heard from many Americans who have spoken out about domestic violence, and I appreciate your perspective.Domestic violence is a devastating crime that affects men, women, and children from every walk of life and in every corner of our country.  The breadth of this problem is staggering—1 in  4 women and 1  in  7 men have experienced severe physical violence at the hands of an intimate partner.  Many of those cases go unreported, and without intervention, some will end in even greater tragedy. Reversing these trends starts with raising awareness.…

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    To Roger Goodell – Step Up!

    Support NEO’s Purple Pledge Campaign Online! Let’s vote and make a difference! Let’s campaign the NFL to Broadcast a live performance of “Break The Chain” by OneBillionRising and V-Day, at the Super Bowl Halftime Show 2015. Break the Chain by V-Day and One Billion Rising https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL5N8rSy4CU Many are asking you to step down. I am asking you to step up. As a Register Nurse and Nurse Educator, we teach our nurses how to spot abuse in our children, in our women, and in our elderly. We have screening tools to document such incidences. As nurses, we report this to social services and put a band aid on our patients and…

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    Lactation Consultant in Routine Pregnancy Care

    You don’t have to be a Lactation Consultant to empower New Moms to breastfeed! Start with a 2-day Lactation Training that satisfies the didactic BabyFriendly Criteria (BFHI). Then complete your 5 hours of clinical competencies at your hospital. Voila! You’re a BabyFriendly Nurse! Every Nurse caring for Mom and Baby helps the new parents to bond and create a habitat for their new family! Is your hospital BabyFriendly and FamilyFriendly? Then, you need to show Dad how to enjoy skin-to-skin with his baby! You will tear up when you hear the stories. Experience the joy of empowering New Moms to take care of their newborns! Join Birth & Beyond OC…

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    Adam & Eve – The Analytical Mind Meets the Reproductive Body

    After God made the heavens and the earth, he then filled the oceans and lakes with fish and then filled the land with vegetation for his animals to thrive. He then set out to make man and woman. He began with man and made him the “protector” with large muscles to build a shelter and an analytical brain to solve problems. God then made woman to reproduce a child that is a liking of her and her man. Now, God had to spend some extra time on woman for this extraordinary responsibility in God’s plan. To reproduce, woman must have the ability to “build a nest” for her infant to grow. God figured the nest…