WOW Factors of Breastfeeding

WOW – Love with Your Brain

The capacity and desire to form emotional relationships is related to the organization and functioning of specific part of the human brain.  Just as the brain allows us to see, smell, taste, think, talk, and move, it is the organ that allows us to love-or not to love.  The systems   in the human brain that allow us to form and maintain emotional relationships develop during infancy and the first years of life.  Experiences during this early vulnerable period of life are critical to shaping the capacity to form intimate and emotionally healthy relationships.  Empathy caring, sharing inhibition of aggression, capacity to love and a host of other characteristics of a healthy, happy and productive person are related to the core attachment capabilities which are formed in infancy and early childhood.

Reference Bruce Perry – Bonding and Attachment in Maltreated Children.

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