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What every New Grad Nurse needs to know about Magnet Hospitals?

Magnet Hospitals outperform other hospitals in both recruiting and retaining nursing professionals, resulting in higher employee satisfaction and lower staff turn-around. The American Nurses Association and the American Nurses Credentialing Center formed the Magnet Recognition Program to maintain nursing excellence.

Studies of the Magnet Hospitals showed that they were more likely to have nurses that are specialty-certified and to have employed more nurses with Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degrees than non-Magnet hospitals.  As the percentage of nurses with BSN increases, so do positive patient outcomes.  In fact, every 10% increase in hospital staff nurses with a BSN results in a 5% reduction in patient mortality.

Nurses in Magnet hospitals are 18% less likely to be dissatisfied with their work and 13% less likely to suffer burnout.  Magnet facility nurses were found to be less likely to want to leave their current position than their non-magnet counterparts.

The better the work environment found in Magnet Hospitals, the better the patient outcomes.  In a best work environment, the decrease in nurse caseload by one patient lowers mortality by 9%.  Without an improved work environment, mortality rates do not improve.

It is not easy to obtain and maintain Magnet status.  The demographic information form includes a wide range of information about the hospital:

  • Patient encounters
  • Average daily census
  • Average length of stay
  • Patient acuity
  • Number of RNs by unit
  • Turnovers and vacancy rates
  • Nursing care hours
  • Nursing satisfaction surveys
  • Reports of nurse deficiencies
  • Unit openings, closings or changes in personnel


In short, the Magnet designation ensures that nurses are in an environment that allows them to work at their peak performance to improve the lives of nurses and patients.

New Grads must have their BSN to be considered for hospital positions.  Your application will be discarded if you do not have this coveted BSN degree.  You then will need to verify your certifications of BLS, ACLS, NRP, Fetal Heart Monitoring, Breastfeeding certification, and additional classes of Baby Care.  Neonatal Assessment, Postpartum Assessment and Obstetrical Emergency Care will enhance your qualification when applying to the Maternal Child Cluster.  A perfect resume that is well written is essential.  Letters of reference should be attached to your resume.


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