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    Nurses Eat their Young

    Lateral violence is a form of nurse bullying For instance, lateral violence occurs when another nurse deliberately instills harmful behavior in the workplace to another employee. Most noteworthy, nurse to nurse bullying remains extremely common in various hospitals and healthcare facilities. Nursing remains one of greatest occupations at risk for lateral violence. As a matter of fact, roughly 44% to 85% of nurses reported being victims of bullying (Christie and Jones, 2014). Most notably, 93% of nurses reported witnessing lateral violence in the workplace. In most cases, the experienced nurse served as the perpetrator, whereas the New Grad and Student Nurse served the role of the victim (Jacobs & Kyzer,…

  • Klebsiella pneumoniae for nurses
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    Klebsiella pneumoniae and Healthcare Acquired Infections

    Do you know why Healthcare Acquired Infections are on the rise? One reason is Klebsiella pneumoniae. Actually, Klebsiella pneumoniae CAN be a friendly bacterium, especially to our environment and GI tract; but nurses don’t turn your back! These little capsule wearing, sticky suckers can cause serious havoc to the fragile lungs. To put it briefly, Klebsiella pneumoniae can be an opportunistic bacterium. In fact, it can cause a dangerous form of bacterial pneumonia in children, the elderly and immunocompromised individuals. Contact with feces allows people to serve as reservoirs and transmit the bacteria from person to person. Under those circumstances, these individuals can become severely ill or die from complications.…

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  • ICU/ER Track

    Fundamentals of Mechanical Ventilation

    Power Your Profession Fundamentals of Mechanical Ventilation Our Mech. Vent certification may be taken individually or with the 5-Finger Discount Topics Covered Anatomy & Physiology of the Lungs Review of cardiopulmonary ventilation, in particular we will discuss oxygen radicals and oxy-hemoglobin dissociation. Ventilator Settings & Modes RR, VT, PEEP and FIO2 settings in relation to a ventilator. In addition, topics covered include AC, SIMV and pressure support ventilator modes. Scope of Practice and Nursing Understand your role with mechanical ventilation. Learn how you can assist the interdisciplinary team safely and without crossing boundaries. Ventilator Complications Learn how to prevent or respond to ventilator associated pneumonia, Auto-PEEP, Barotrauma, breath staking and…

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    Birth and Beyond Lactation Training

    Baby Friendly USA Birth and Beyond Lactation NEO’s Birth and Beyond is sanctioned by Breastfeed LA and Baby Friendly USA Course Information $ 205 00 Webinar Course (Live Session) Textbook Included Awarded 16 CEHs 2-Day Training About Baby Friendly USA Birth and Beyond Lactation Training To summarize, Birth and Beyond Lactation is based on the broad framework of the “Ten steps to successful breastfeeding.” Currently there is a lack of breastfeeding education for healthcare providers. Accordingly, our goal is to empower nurses with education so that they may help increase breastfeeding initiation and duration. In short, students will review the anatomy and physiology of the breast, plus the stages of…