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Baby-Friendly Hospital

Baby Friendly USA

World Breastfeeding Week is around the corner, August 1-7, 2016! If your dream job is working with moms and babies all day long, your ears might e screaming in pain from hearing about the BabyFriendly Hospital Initiative. A little known fact is that in California, BabyFriendly training is also called Birth&Beyond approved. That’s the state program that distributes the funding

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Safe Delivery through the First 24 Hours of Life

Baby Care for New Graduates nad Re-Entry Nurses

The public expects to receive safe quality care every time they interact with a healthcare provider and the health system.  Healthy babies far outnumber those who are sick but maternal-child health professionals must remain vigilant for the unexpectedly sick or preterm infant.  Adequate preparation includes education, skill acquisition, proper equipment, and trained personnel.  Babies are vulnerable in the first few

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How does Hypothermia Cause Hypoglycemia in Infants?

Infants Hypothermia and Hypoglycemia

Maintaining temperature is very important.  When an infant’s skin becomes cold, the skin sends messages to the brain and in turn the brain sends out norepinephrine.  Norepinephrine causes peripheral vasoconstriction and the blood is shunted to the core of the body.  The vasoconstriction of the peripheral circulation also causes vasoconstriction results of the pulmonary system.  Now, the blood can’t get

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