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PHTLS Schedule

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PHTLS Renewal

NEO San Diego

PHTLS Hybrid

NEO San Diego


PHTLS Class Summary

PHTLS Renewal

Duration: 1-day, 8 hours

Continuing Education: 8 CE

Continuing Education units are available for Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, EMT, and Paramedics.

Assessment: Written Test, and hands-on scenario evaluations.

Price: $200 (without textbook)

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PHTLS Hybrid

[alert_box style=”info”]PHTLS Hybrid is available for Certification and Renewal! The dates listed on the schedule are for the skills portion of the class. You must complete the online didactic part of your course before coming in for your skills. [/alert_box]

Duration: 1-day, 8 hours (this is your skills day)

Didactic Part: ONLINE.

After you schedule your skills date, our PHTLS Program Coordinator will email you the access information for the email course within 1 business day.

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NEO San Diego

Class Textbook

PHTLS Trauma Renewal and Certification 8th edition textbook

Do I need a Textbook?

Yes, having a textbook in class is a requirement for PHTLS Certification and Renewal. You will need the 8th Edition.

How do I obtain a textbook?

  1. Purchase a Textbook: You can buy a textbook from our online store ($70), or
  2. Lease a Textbook: We have a limited quantity of textbooks at our office that are available for leasing. The cost is $30. You can request a lease during class registration online/phone.