AHA CPR Week 2016 - CPR around the globe
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Saving Lives with CPR at Home and Abroad

CPR Week is designated by the American Heart Association for the first week of June 1-7, every year. You will get reminded how to start CPR on adult, child and infant, at random parents’ meeting, or in front of the grocery store. For one week, CPR will be everywhere! So don’t resist it. Use the opportunity to educate your family when and how to start CPR.

CPR saves lives every day!

I still remember an Emergency Room Nurse who had to start CPR during a flight, on her way back from her honeymoon in Hawaii. Let’s call her Nurse Nancy. Yes, thaCPR Abroadt’s right! Nurse Nancy heard a weird gurgling sound, from the row in front of her. The sound you make when you are not breathing, but only have agonal gasps.little old lady was sitting in that seat.  That’s all it took to leap over the seat and check the little ol’ lady’s pulse! Sure enough, there wasn’t any. And on it went. The crew got the AED, and the Oxygen tank, while Nurse Nancy started chest compressions. A ED Resident joined her shortly. They defibrillated with the AED, and the little ol’ lady survived the flight. What a flight! It always reminds me how important high-quality CPR can be to save a life!

It’s better to know CPR and not need it, than to need CPR and not know how to do it! 

AHA CPR Week 2016 - CPR around the globe

What number do you call in case of emergency abroad

Got your vacay planned? Not so fast! We got to cover the emergency scenarios first!

What if you need to start CPR while you’re abroad? Who do you call?

In many countries, dialing 911, 112 or 999 will connect you to the emergency operator. Which one do you try first? 911 is still a safe bet, but if it doesn’t work, try 112 or 999.

If you’re headed for a vacation to Costa Rica, Fiji, or Puerto Rico, you’d be safe to dial 911 as well.

Other vacation spots might be harder to remember: 000 (or 112) for Australia, and 192 for Brazil.

Here’s a comprehensive list of emergency phone numbers #AroundTheGlobe

Download HERE



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