Obstetrical Emergencies Home Course 2017
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OB Emergencies to the 4th Power Home Course

Price: $11

CEs: 6 CEs

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 13004 for 20 contact hours.

Course Description:

The management of the unstable or unresponsive pregnant woman differs from the traditional adult resuscitation. Because of the increasing number of pregnancies with preexisting conditions, the healthcare team’s duty is to respond when the pregnant woman’s condition worsens, leading to the provision of advanced cardiopulmonary life support. In situations where deterioration of maternal status results in respiratory or cardiac arrest, healthcare providers need to provide basic and advanced life support that includes the necessary pregnancy alterations taking into account physiologic changes induced by the pregnancy and unique circumstances of both the mother and the fetus.

I this class we will discuss the causes of maternal arrest with management of proper cardiopulmonary arrest in pregnancy, and the implementation of perimortem cesarean delivery. We will further discuss the unstable gravid women with life-threatening situations of: Uterine rupture Amniotic fluid embolism Placenta abruption Shoulder dystocia Umbilical cord prolapse Ectopic pregnancy.


Course Objectives

Upon conclusion of the course the learner will be able to:

  • Discuss the preexisting conditions that predispose a gravid woman to an arrest
  • Discuss the physiological changes that aggravate physiological changes
  • Discuss the maternal oxygen transport system and how to impacts the gravid woman
  • Discuss the cardiac/hematologic, gastrointestinal/genitourinary, hormonal, electrolyte changes that occur in a gravid woman Interpret basic EKG with alterations for the gravid woman Discuss the resuscitative drugs used in an arrest For a gravid woman with Trauma:
  • Perform a head-to-toe assessment of a gravid patient with trauma
  • Discuss the management of maternal and fetal complications that may occur with trauma For a gravid woman with placental abruption:
  • Discuss the differences between mild, moderate and severe placental abruption
  • Discuss the differences between marginal, central, and complete abruption
  • Discuss the presentation of a gravid woman with placental abruption
  • Discuss the clinical management of a gravid woman with placental abruption

For a gravid woman with umbilical cord prolapse:

  • Discuss the risk factors and clinical presentation of possible cord prolapse
  • Discuss the life-threatening intervention that must occur to prevent fetal compromise
  • Discuss the theory and clinical presentation that may cause an Anaphylactic Fluid Embolism
  • Discuss the rapid interventions that must occur with the gravid woman with AFE For the gravid woman that presents with possible Shoulder Dystocia:
  • Discuss the preconceptional, antepartal, and intrapartal, risk factors of dystocia
  • Discuss the clinical management during labor and during delivery,
  • Discuss the Mazzanti, McRobert, Zananelli, manipulation maneuvers
  • Discuss the nursing documentation required for shoulder dystocia. For the gravid woman that presents with Ectopic Pregnancy:
  • Discuss various implantations of ectopic pregnancies
  • Discuss the potential risk of ectopic pregnancies
  • Discuss the clinical presentation and management of ectopic pregnancies For the gravid woman that presents with a cardiac arrest:
  • Discuss the impact of septic shock, anesthesia, hypertension, substance abuse, endocrine disorders, hypovolemia, polyhydraminase, hemorrhage, placental accrete, placental increta and placental precreta
  • Discuss Aortocaval Syndrome and how it impacts resuscitation of a gravid woman.
  • Discuss the 5-minute window of a rapid caesarian section, Discuss the tasks that are required of a maternal cardiac arrest state. For the patient with fetal demise
  • Discuss the features of grief
  • Discuss myths and truths of holding the infant after death Discuss helpful strategies that may be helpful for the parents experiencing grief
  • Discuss how to take photographic memories
  • Discuss the difference between mother’s grief and father’s grief Goal: To reduce mortality and morbidity of the fetus with maternal life-threatening occurrences, to improve the survival of both mother and fetus by implementing pregnancy specific changes in response to an arrest.





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Postpartum Care, ACLS, NRP

I have taken three classes here and plan on taking more (already signed up for another class this week). They are very friendly and the classes truly are stress-free. I took an ACLS course somewhere else a couple of years ago and it was unnecessarily intense. I will definitely keep coming back here!

 by Courtney Proctor on Nurses Educational Opportuntiies

It is always such a pleasure taking class with this organization. Everything from the signup process to the checking out at the end of the day was enjoyable and stress free. I will most certainly be back!

Advanced fetal monitoring

When I first heard I would be driving to California to take this class I was thinking, "why me"? After a great drive and seeing new areas, I was so happy to meet a very friendly group of people who made the learning experience fun and informative. Thanks again.

 by Jelena svorobovic on Nurses Educational Opportuntiies
Advance Fetal monitoring

Advanced FHT monitoring . Stress free , second time attending that class with you.

 by Denise Mays on Nurses Educational Opportuntiies

After rave reviews about NEO from a good friend, i decided to give it a try. I just completed my BLS here, and feel that the reviews live up to their reputation....stress free!! I was extremely nervous, but once i arrived, the staff (incl. Betty) were so friendly and helpful and put my fears to rest. I've been considering the Mother/Baby Cluster program since earlier in the year, and have called NUMEROUS times to ask questions. Boriana has been EXTREMELY helpful, and has gone out of her way to help me find what would work best for me. She's always been pleasant, and extremely patient. I'm now ready to get started on the program, and look forward to a wonderful experience obtaining my certifications at NEO! 🙂

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