TNCC Course San Diego November

Biomechanics in TNCC

I load my SUV with all sorts of “stuff” to transport “stuff” back and forth from Costa Mesa to San Diego. I hate it when this “stuff” slides around in the back when I accelerate and break. This “stuff” crashes around in the back going from side to side and front to back.

That’s what happens in your brain when in a Motor Vehicle Crash. The brain crashes from front to back with accelerated forces and deceleration forces and ultimately causes brain damage.

In a motor vehicle crash you can be thrust over the dash board or pushed down and under the dashboard with accelerated forces. Over the dash can cause head and neck injuries. Under the dash can chest, abdominal, hip, knees, femur and ankle injuries.

T-bone motor vehicle crashes can cause liver damage if hit on the right side and spleen injuries if hit on the left. Maybe you’re better off with a right side injury. After-all you can live without a spleen but you won’t like it. I don’t think you can live without a liver.

Roll-over crash is very serious. Good Luck.

If you hit a pedestrian, Go Straight to Jail, Do not Pass Go and Do not Collect $200.

Newton’s First Law of Motion – you’ve heard it a thousand times on TV. “A body at rest will stay at rest and a body in motion will stay in motion.” The commercial urges you to take Celebrex. Don’t be confused with the next commercial to urge you to take Cialis.


TNCC – The Most Fundamental Needs of Life – Air to Breath, Water to Drink and Food to Eat.

Air to Breath – Water to Drink – Food to Eat. It’s so basic we don’t even think about it. Once we don’t have Air to Breath – Water to Drink or Food to Eat, our body begins to die. Hate when that happens!!

But before our body gives up it goes into survival mode with its “back-up” plan. The body will calls all its forces to step-up to the plate. The lungs go into overtime and breath faster. The heart steps up the pace and pumps faster. The vessels constrict to conserve blood volume. These are our body’s “back-up plans” to survive called compensatory mechanisms.

I have back-up mechanisms for everything I do in day-to-day life. I have back up instructors, back up secretaries, back up training sites. If one of these mechanisms fail, I have someone to step up to the plate. I have a back-up retirement plan. At one time in my life, I had back-up boyfriends. If a boyfriend failed, I had someone lined up to step up to the plate. I think I decided this last plan was too much work and determined it was something I could live without!!!

There is one back up plan that the body has that is inefficient (maybe that was my last boyfriend). The inefficient boyfriend was Cowboy Lactic Acid. Energy from lactic acid is inefficient and causes the body’s pH to drop to acidosis. It’s over. Time for a new Cowboy.