AHA ACLS Certification

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American Heart Association Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (AHA ACLS) Certification

This is a 2-day certification course for healthcare professionals, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Medical Doctors, etc.

Duration: 5.5 hrs, 2 Days

Contact Hours: 12 CE

Price: $180

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This course includes a lecture portion, and several skills stations. Don’t panic! Our instructors are friendly, and will make the class fun. Once you review our study guides, and ease into the class, you’ll enjoy learning arrhythmias, and their appropriate interventions!

Do you need this course?

Yes, you need this class – if you take care of adult patients, work in the hospital, or you are applying for clinical positions in the adult setting!

You will learn to initiate resuscitation for the adult in cardiac arrest, and designate roles during a Mega Code in the hospital. You will learn to quickly recognize life threatening rhythms on the monitor, and intervene.


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AHA ACLS Textbook 2010 ECC

American Heart Association Textbook 2010 ECC Guidelines

AHA ACLS Textbook – 2010 Guidelines

Do I need to purchase the AHA Textbook for my AHA Certification Course? 

You need to bring this textbook with you to class. You can borrow it from your hospital/ facility. You can purhcase it online, and our office has copies available.

How do I purchase a textbook from your company?

Call us at 866 266 2229, or place your order ONLINE by clicking on this link. You can choose if you need shipping. You can pick it up at one of our offices.

Price: $40

Study Guides – 


Home Study Course Rapid Responder for Nurses, RTs, Renew your License

Rapid Responder – Study Guide for ACLS Day 1

“Brain Busters” 

American Heart Association Renewal AHA ACLS courses

Advanced Responder – Study Guide for ACLS Day 2


[/restab][restab title=”Objectives”][dropcap]A[/dropcap]t the end of the first day of this course, the student learner will be able to:

Identify and locate on a 12 lead ECG a STEMI

Identify a Bundle Branch Block and its location

Identify the basic arrhythmias and their interventions

Identity the signs and symptoms of Acute Coronary Syndrome.

State the interventions for ischemic chest pain.

State the fibrinolytics that can be used as clot busters.

Discuss the procedures used to improve coronary blood flow.

The student will further be able to:

Identify two types of strokes and their interventions.

Describe the single most important diagnostic test for patients with a possible stroke.

Describe a rapid assessment of a patient suspected of stroke.

Describe the signs and symptoms of a patient suspected of stroke.

Discuss the classifications of strokes.

[dropcap]U[/dropcap]pon the completion of the second day, the learner will be able to:

Simulate a team leader and a team member

Simulate airway management

Verbalize the steps to assist in intubation

Verbalize 5 steps in confirming ET tube placement

Verbalize the definition of ROCS

Verbalize the Hs and Ts with the signs and symptoms and interventions

Verbalize the four interventions for Bradycardia

Verbalize the technique of managing the pacemaker

Discuss an unstable tachycardia and the steps in cardioversion

Discuss a stable tachycardia and appropriate drug interventions

Verbalize the time frame required to initiate stroke interventions

Discuss the signs and symptoms of ACS and interventions

Discuss the signs and symptoms of acute stroke and interventions.

Discuss therapeutic hypothermia.

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