AHA Basic Life Support (CPR)

American Heart Association Basic Life Support (AHA BLS) is CPR for healthcare providers. You are required to have a BLS certification if you work in a clinical setting, or in the administration of a clinical facility.

BLS certifications are valid for two years. The renewal and first-time certification process is the same for BLS.

Three ways to certify/renew BLS:

(1) AHA BLS Class (Traditional, in-person course. ≈3.5 hours)

(2) AHA BLS Heartcode (Complete online course, come in for skills only. ≈1 hour)

(3) AHA BLS Package (Add BLS to any ACLS or PALS class)

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BLS Class (Renewals/Certifications)

This is a traditional, in-person class which consists of video, lecture, and hands-on skills, with a written-test given at the end of class. This class is for renewals and first-time certifications.

Duration: 3.5 hours

Price: $70.00 (including textbook)

           $55.00 (without textbook)

*The AHA BLS textbook (2015 guidelines) is required for all students who come in for a BLS class. If you have a textbook, bring it with you on the day of your class.


Class Schedule

NEO Orange County

NEO San Diego

BLS Heartcode

This is a skills session ONLY. The online AHA BLS Heartcode course must be completed prior to attending a skills session. The online course can be found at: www.onlineaha.org

The online course consists of modules and e-sim cases, with a test at the end. You will have access to a digital copy of the textbook in the online course.

Duration of online course: ≈2.5 hours
Duration of skills session:
 ≈1 hour

Price: $70.00 (including access code for online course)

Heartcode Schedule

The schedules below are for skills sessions ONLY. During the registration process, you will be able to add the “online exam key” option which will give you access to the online course. After you register, you will receive a email with step-by-step instructions on how to access and navigate the online course.

NEO Orange County

NEO San Diego


Get your BLS done the same day as any ACLS or PALS class – this is the cheapest and quickest way! During the registration process for any ACLS or PALS class, you will have the option to add BLS.

Price: $50.00

BLS Course Objectives

Course participants will be able to successfully demonstrate life-saving BLS skills on adult, child, and infant manikins, including:

-Describing the links in the AHA Chain of Survival
-Early recognition of the need for BLS
-Activating the emergency response system (calling 911)
-Checking for pulse and looking for signs of breathing
-Compressing the chest at a depth of 2 inches
-Opening the airway to provide ventilations
-Delivering rescue breaths using the mouth-to-mouth technique, mouth-to-mask technique, and the bag-mask technique
-Using an AED on adult, child, and infant victims
-Relieving choking in adult, child, and infant victims
-Understanding the importance of team dynamics when multiple rescuers are present

Same Day Card

You will receive your AHA card immediately after your class.
Your card will be accepted in all hospitals – guaranteed!

Complimentary Study Guides

We offer study guides for you to review before your class and to take with you after your class. Look for the downloadable study guide in your class confirmation email.


Small Class Sizes

Because we have classes so often, our class sizes tend to be small – making the classes personable, stress-free, and sometimes even quicker!

Flexible Class Schedule

We offer classes weekly in Orange County and San Diego. If you need a specific date or time that is not listed on our schedule, give us a call at (866) 266-2229.
You may reschedule your class with no problem.


Call us at (866) 266-2229 or email us: info@nursesed.net