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Basic Life Support (CPR)

Choose 1 of the Following AHA BLS Certification Courses

BLS Provider

$ 70
  • Required: 2020 Manual $20.00
  • Duration: 4 Hours

Orange County Schedule

San Diego Schedule

BLS Update

$ 70
  • Required: 2020 Manual $20.00
  • Duration: 2.5-3 Hours

San Diego Schedule

Orange County Schedule

HeartCode BLS Skills

$ 54
Skills Fee Only
  • HeartCode Fee $36.00
  • PDF text included (accessible on AHA website)

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San Diego Schedule

AHA Basic Life Support is a required certification for pre-hospital and in-facility hospital providers. To summarize, BLS students will learn how to effectively perform CPR for victims of all ages. In addition, learners will practice CPR as a single rescuer and as a member of a multi-rescuer team. Other topics include choking, AED, ventilation, as well as basic airway management. Moreover, students will learn to confidently recognize cardiac arrest, activate EMS, and how to respond with chest compression’s.

A BLS class is for advanced healthcare providers whereas a CPR class is for lay rescuers. Lay rescuers may also take BLS but we highly recommend choosing the correct class based on experience. We offer CPR as well as First Aid classes for lay-rescuers by appointment only.

Tragically, most facilities will suspend you if your AHA BLS certification expires. Additionally, you will not be able to return to work until you possess a current card. Fortunately, NEO has your back. We have instructors available six days a week for those last minute emergencies. Moreover, for over 20 years, NEO has remained committed to exceptional training by employing the best instructors. We also provide free study materials, snacks and drinks. All in all, NEO has a reputation for maintaining a fun and comfortable environment.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding the BLS certification.

Orange County Office: 714-979-4022

San Diego Office: 858-748-3300


The New Grad Discount can only be applied by phone. Lastly, BLS may be replaced with Management of Assaultive Behavior.

We try harder, so you learn easier

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American Heart Association Basic Life Support (AHA BLS) Renewal & Certification

This is a CPR class for healthcare providers. It is required for all healthcare providers who work in a clinical setting, or in the adminsitration of a clinical facility.

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Classes Offered Every Day

Mon – Sat 7:30am-3:30pm

Orange County & San Diego

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AHA BLS Textbook 2010 ECC

AHA BLS Textbook 2010
AHA BLS Textbooks 2010
Do I need to purchase the AHA Textbook for my AHA Course? 

The AHA BLS textbooks is REQUIRED in class.

You can borrow it from your hospital/ facility if they have it available. You can purchase it online, and our office locations.

How do I purchase a textbook from your company?

Call us at 866 266 2229, or add the textbook during checkout. You can request shipping (+$5.85) or pick it up at our office.

Price: $20 

Are you a Renewal or Certification?

If you have a current (not expired) AHA BLS card, you can Renew. If your card has expired or this is your first time attending the course, you need to Certify. You need to bring your current AHA ACLS card with you to class ( or a copy of both sides).

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At the end of the course the participant will be able to demonstrate the BLS 2010 updated skills using the adult, child, and infant manikins. They are as follows: Describe the links in the AHA Chain of Survival, including:

Early recognition of the need for BLS

Activating emergency response

Performing BLS starting with Chest Compressions

Early defibrillation with the AED or manual defibrillator

Describe the steps of CPR


In less than 10 seconds, check the pulse

Immediate High Quality Chest Compressions

Push Hard

Push Fast

Allow the chest to recoil

Minimize interruptions

Open the airway and provide ventilations

Describe the signs and symptoms of 4 major emergencies in adults

Heart attack (ACS)

Stroke (ACVA)

Cardiac arrest Foreign-Body Airway Obstruction

In addition, the participant will be able to demonstrate the following skills using an adult, infant, or child manikin

Rescue breathing



Bag-mask: adult, child, infant

Use of an AED for adults as well as children

Relief of FBAO in the responsive and unresponsive victim of any age.

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 20 reviews
 by Victoria Ono on Nurses Educational Opportuntiies

Jane is outstanding as an instructor, I have been going w/ her classes for almost 15 years now and I still love the way she do it.

quick and clean

this place is centrally located in Poway and has all the tools needed for all the classes


I been coming to NEO's for ACLS and BLS renewals for

years. They make it easy, informative and keep up to date.

Now that i'm retired, I plan to keep coming to NEO's for BLS renewals and CEU's. Thanks!!

 by Kathleen Keany-szalapski on Nurses Educational Opportuntiies

You gave consice information that was well arranged. I would love to come back again for the relaxed surroundings

 by Angie Schulz on Nurses Educational Opportuntiies

Great course. Informative, educational, friendly staff, helpful and fun. I love that I can do my NRP test online at home at my own pace and schedule. I also appreciate that I can also complete my CEU's here as well. I will come here forever!

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Call 911!

Get an AED!

Does he have a pulse? No pulse?!

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