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Abusive behavior is escalating in our “humane (?)” society. Why is it that a person has such controlling and abusive behaviors?  Why is it that hurting someone violently occurs over and over? Why is it that an abuser has no regard for the pain and suffering inflicted on another human being?

All of these occurrences can be often rooted in infancy with the lack of bonding, touching and attachment.  When the infant is provided with skin-to-skin contact with mother he or she gets his or her needs met.  That of comfort.  “Someone is there to meet my needs.”  When an infant becomes hungry and mother puts the infant to her chest, hunger is satisfied. “Someone is there to meet my needs.”  When the infant wants company and begins to fuss, frustration is soothed.  “Someone is there to meet my needs”.

When needs are not met, the infant cannot trust someone to meet his needs and the child has difficulty in forming and maintaining relationships.

Mothers become the most influential aspect in a child’s life.  Mothers nurture and children form that attachment and stability in the child’s life. This bond is forever.  This bond is reflected in the way adults replicate their success.  Successful football players always thank their mothers for their success.  Only rarely do you hear successful people thank their fathers. Successful golfers seem to thank their fathers whereas successful football players thank their mothers.

Do you have ideas why this occurs?

President Obama and wife Michele often speak of their mothers for their success.

These two Americans have become very successful and raised by single mothers.  Why?

Single mothers seem to overcome all obstacles to provide guidance and structure for their children. Their children become a priority over the needs of themselves.

            Why do mothers put their needs behind the needs of their children?                       

Adults seem to always return to their mothers when burdened by adversity.  When police are searching for a criminal they always contact the mother.

            Why do criminals return to their mothers when they are in trouble?

Adults spend far more money on Mother’s Day then Father’s Day.  Consumer watch dogs figured American spend $1.4 million less on Father’s Day then Mother’s Day.  The average expenditure for a Father’s Day gift is $113 whereas $162 is spent on Mother’s Day.

Do you have ideas why this occurs?

When adolescents are seen on camera at functions they seem to always enthusiastically wave and shout out “High Mom.”

Do you have ideas why this occurs?

In conclusion, Mothers play an important part in our lives whether negatively or positively.  It is the mother that often influences the paths we choose to follow in becoming adults.  The child in the adult world may choose the wrong path and the mother often turns the child on “the right road.”  I wonder if the new mother knows what a big job she has with parenting a child.



Reference: Dr. Bruce Perry – Bonding and Attachment in Maltreated Children

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