Chain response to Shock

When Catastrophe Happens and Response to Shock Occurs

During shock, the entire body begins to communicate.  The Pulmonary Response System sends a message to the lungs – the lungs call the respiratory rate to speed up – the respiratory rate sends a message to the CO2 to get out of Dodge.

The Cerebral Response System sends a message to the Cerebral Vascular System to maintain a MAP of 50-100 mm/Hg.

The Renal Response System has a network of communication much like Social Media.  The Renal Response System communicates with its buddies the Adrenal Glands to produce Renin.  Renin communicates with Angiotensin I.  Angiotensin I just passes the buck on to Angiotensin II.  Angiotensin II has some work to do.  It must do some vasoconstriction to retain water. The Renal Response System alerts the Adrenal Glands to release Aldosterone to increase reabsorption of sodium and water.  The Renal Response System needs to get back to work and notify the Adrenal Glands to stimulate ADH to further increase water retention.

Did the Renal Response System do a good job with its communication?  Sure did.  It did so well that the whole renal system shut down and caused oliguria and renal failure.  I guess we need to alert the Big Guns – Renal Dialysis to save the day!


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