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September Sepsis

download-sepsis-study-guideSeptember is designated as Sepsis awareness month by the CDC.

To be diagnosed with sepsis, you must exhibit at least two of the following systems, plus a probable or confirmed infection.

  • Body temperature about 101ᵒF (38.3C) or below 96.8F (36C)
  • Heart rate higher than 90 bpm
  • Respiratory rate higher than 20 breaths per minute.

The diagnosis will be upgraded to severe sepsis if you also exhibit at least one of the following signs and symptoms, which indicate an organ may be failing

  • Significantly decreased urinary output
  • Abrupt changes in mental status
  • Decrease in platelet count
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Abnormal heart pumping function
  • Abdominal pain


To be diagnosed with septic shock, you must have the signs and symptoms of severe sepsis which includes:

  • Extremely low blood pressure that doesn’t adequately respond to simple fluid replacement.

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