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New Grad Nurses and ReEntry Program for Maternal Child Care

2018 Nurse Training OB in Costa Mesa and San Diego

New Grad and Reentry Program – “When the going gets tough the tough get going.”

There is an enormous interest for the New Grad to become part of the Maternal Child Cluster upon graduation. Excitement builds towards the end of nursing school and you earned the coveted title of RN. You have chosen your dream job. With eagerness and enthusiasm you begin looking for that hospital that can hire your talents, knowledge, and passion.

But without past experience nobody wants you!!  You ask “How can I get experience if no one will hire me?”  This becomes a colossal hurdle to overcome. You have spent considerable money and extensive effort with many problems in your personal life to circumvent. Your dreams are dashed.

NEO hears your pain and wants to help. NEO’s program is built on providing a resume that will impress those that will review you and your efforts. Your resume must be more impressive than the 500 other resumes that are submitted. “When the going gets tough the tough get going.”

NEOs Maternal Child New Grad program is based on verifying your effort to become proficient. Courses for the Maternal Child Program are ALL inclusive for this unique field.  The program takes the student from intrauterine to extrauterine.

Basic Fetal Heart Monitoring to Labor and Delivery to Neonatal Resuscitation to Neonatal Stabilization to Neonatal Assessment to Adaptation of the Newborn to Postpartum Care to Breastfeeding to Obstetrical Emergencies.   For those who desire a Labor and Delivery position NEO provides Intermediate Fetal Heart Monitoring and Advanced Fetal Heart Monitoring.

Upon completion of this program NEO will provide expertise in writing a resume. Our staff includes a resume writer that has dedicated effort to determine what it is that the hospital of your choice desires. You will be excited to develop a resume that reflects you and your ability and talents.

NEO has been successful in opening doors.  We invite you to allow us to open the door of your choice.


Breastfeeding – Birth and Beyond

Changing the way we feed and nurture out newborn infants will impact their lives.  Yet, changes are difficult to accept and implement. Understanding the positive impact for change is vital to the success of our goal. It is far easier to influence others on a value if you are vested in that value.

After completing this course you will be in awe of how natural motherhood is so well designed to keep baby as well as mother healthy and happy and how we, overtime, veered so far away from our natural behaviors and perpetuated illness, expense, and abusive behaviors.

Our duty as healthcare providers is to promote healthy habits to minimize illness and indorse practices to reduce violence in our society and promote emotional health.

You will find it amazing to understand how breastfeeding can do all that. I did.  I am a convert! My biggest concern in our community and nation is the overwhelming escalation of violence with our children. It “boggles my mind” to understand how far from the normal we have become. School-yard bulling is an everyday occurrence which causes many children to take their own lives.  Children with weapons has become a threat to all schools.  “Why,” we ask, “does a child want to kill?”  The answer may be attachment at birth with inability to bond with mother along with the socioeconomics of parenting without healthy role models within the family structure.


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