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    Plantar Fasciitis: My Aching Feet

        Do you feel shooting pain through the heel of your foot when you step out of bed? Does the pain go away after you are on your feet for a while? Does the pain return after you have sat for a while only to return when you stand again? You have Plantar Fasciitis. So many nurses suffer from Plantar Fasciitis. I too had Plantar Fasciitis and tried everything. I tried: Those Gel pads for your shoes Many weeks of therapy with an orthopedic sports specialist Ultrasound treatments Hot packs Cold packs Shoes from the Good Feet store Even magnets in my shoes. Nothing worked! Joe, the Orthopedic Technologist at our hospital,…

  • Respect for all people
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    Patient-Family Centered Care

    When a child becomes ill, the entire family needs care. In order to create a true healing environment, we must make every effort to keep families together, communicate fully and frequently, and make shared decisions. Patients and families are partners in care. This is referred to as Patient & Family Centered Care, or PFCC. The following principles provide a foundation for Patient and Family Centered Care: We treat patients and families with dignity and respect. We provide clear, comprehensive information in ways that are useful and empowering. We create opportunities for patients and families to participate in ways that enhance their control and independence. We ensure that collaboration is inherent…

  • Multidisciplinary Care Team
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    Multi-disciplinary Care

    Teamwork is important in nursing because it provides faster, safer and more efficient patient care. Teamwork in nursing care has a variety of benefits such as improved outcomes, effective communication, enhanced colleague knowledge and increased job satisfaction. Nurses do not only treat patients, they also offer information to patients and families and provide emotional support to those who may require it. In today’s health care market, the practice of teamwork has gained in popularity. This is especially true for professional nurses. When nurses function as part of a unit, and when they act as part of a team, the job itself is easier and more efficient. Moreover, overall patient care…

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    Chain of Command = The Line of Authority

    I can almost guarantee that someone will give you a conflict resolution question at your interview and ask you how you would resolve this conflict. It is not the situation that is important.  It is your answer to any conflict – which it goes through the “Chain of Command.”  Know this chain of command for your interview. Every hospital, indeed, nearly every organization, has a chain of command. In most cases, this chain of command is delineated with a chart, often referred to as an organizational chart. The chain of command in its simplest definition is the line of authority and responsibility along which orders are passed within the nursing…

  • Nursing and critical thinking
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    Critical Thinking for Your Nursing Career

    I remember in the beginning of my professional career.  As a student nurse I was evaluated on tasks that needed to be done and done in a timely manner.  At the end of my shift as a young student nurse I obediently sharpened the used needles, placed them in a glass container, stuffed some cotton at the end and sterilized the needles.  I had all of the thermometers soaking in “green soap” to be rinsed and ready for the next shift.  I had my charting done and ready for shift report.  I gave compassionate nursing care.  I was task-orientated.  I believed I was a valued RN. Task-orientated nursing refers to…