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Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support


ACLS Initial Course

$ 190
  • Required: 2020 Manual $54.00
  • Awarded 12.5 CEHs
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ACLS Update Course

$ 160
  • Required: 2020 Manual $54.00
  • Awarded 6.5 CEHs
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ACLS HeartCode Skills

$ 105
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  • NEO Key Code Fee $135.00
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Orange County Office: 714-979-4022

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About ACLS

To summarize, AHA ACLS is a required certification for healthcare providers who participate in the management of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Overall, the purpose of Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support is to improve the quality of care for the adult victim of cardiac arrest. More specifically, the ACLS certification covers life-threatening arrhythmias along with their pharmacological interventions. Additionally, topics covered include Acute Coronary Syndrome and Stroke. Lastly, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support is an approved American Heart Association certification.

Why should you choose NEO for your AHA ACLS Certification

Nowadays, with training sites on every corner, there are many options for attaining your Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support certification. At NEO, we call this “The Hamburger Stand Phenomenon“. Training sites appear overnight. However, 20 years ago, healthcare providers had only a few choices for ACLS courses in Southern California. Due to the scarcity of courses, hospitals began to provide AHA certifications with Physicians as instructors. As a result, many healthcare professionals dreaded attending an ACLS class. Indeed, the continual evolution of ACLS can be stressful for many healthcare providers who may not utilize Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support in their practice every day. For these reasons, Nurses Educational Opportunities set out to improve the teaching methods to allay that fear.

Our main goal became to deliver an enjoyable course in a stress-free environment. Hence, a revamped version of Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support courses was introduced. As a result, California entrepreneurs took notice and set up shop. Consequently, Healthcare Education Training Sites popped up everywhere. Nevertheless, Nurses Educational Opportunities has persisted through the “Hamburger Stand” phenomenon. All in all, our team continues to work hard to create material devised to facilitate difficult information. Last but not least, our friendly administrators and instructors provide students with enormous support and compassionate customer service.


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The New Grad Discount can only be applied via phone registration. Also, students must bring proof of being a student or New Grad. Lastly, BLS may be replaced with Management of Assaultive Behavior.

Basic Life Support (AHA BLS), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (AHA ACLS)