AWHONN Courses

AWHONN Advanced Fetal Heart Monitoring

AWHONN Advanced Fetal Heart Monitoring uses a case study approach to analyze complicated Fetal Heart Monitoring patterns and characteristics. Additionally, Advanced Fetal Heart Monitoring includes; maternal-fetal physiology, instrumentation, interpretation, intervention, verbal plus written communication skills as well as risk-management principles.

AWHONN Intermediate Fetal Monitoring

AWHONN Intermediate Fetal Heart Monitoring provides novice and experienced L&D nurses with an in-depth understanding on how to guide a gravid patient through the birth of her child. Moreover, this course offers students Hands on learning of various fetal and maternal assessments to include; Fetal heart auscultation, performing Leopold’s Maneuvers, placements of an intrauterine pressure catheter and fetal spiral electrode. Additionally tracing interpretation, identification of indicated clinical interventions, communication and documentation.

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