Transitioning from intrauterine to extra-uterine life is the single most dangerous event that most of us will ever encounter in our lifetime; even when we don’t remember our birth. Most noteworthy, the human body makes more radical physiologic adjustments immediately following birth than they will ever have to do again. Yet, this remarkable aspect of birth is more than 90% of babies make the transitions smoothly; with little to no assistance required.

Consequently, it is for the remaining few percent that the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) is designed to help. While the percentage requiring assistance may be small, the real number of babies requiring help is substantial because of the large number of births. Therefore, the implications of not receiving help can be fatal or associated with long-lasting problems. Moreover, skillful resuscitation of a newborn is usually successful, in contrast to resuscitation attempts made on older children or adults. This success can be one of the most gratifying experiences of a healthcare professional. Additionally, learning how do it well is extremely important.

New AHA/AAP NRP guidelines require healthcare providers who come into contact with newborns to complete the Neonatal Resuscitation Program. Above all, appropriate neonatal resuscitation is essential for the newborn’s well-being.

AHA/AAP NRP How to Guide

AHA/AAP NRP How to Guide

Class Information

NRP Skills Price: $110.00

Awarded 4 Contact Education Hours

Part 1: Complete the AAP NRP Exam

Part 2: Hands-On Skills

Must bring a copy or photo of your Certificate of Completion

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the online exam?

Go to www.aap.org/nrp and click on “NRP LMS Login” on the right hand side. Create an account, or log-in using an existing account. Once you are logged in, select the “7th Edition NRP Provider Exam” from the course catalog. The online exam costs $35.00.

Is the NRP book required?

The NRP textbook is not required, but highly recommended, especially for those taking NRP for the first time. We do not sell the book, but you can purchase it through Amazon or eBay.

Do I have to complete the e-sims?

Yes, in order to successfully complete the online NRP exam, you must complete the e-sim cases to get your certificate of completion.

What if I don't pass the online exam?

You have an unlimited number of attempts to pass the online exam.

Do you offer assistance with the online exam?

Yes, if you are having trouble with the online exam, you can schedule an Assisted NRP session at an additional fee. To schedule, call (866) 266-2229.

If I take the online exam through my hospital, do I have to do the skills with my hospital as well?

Yes – if you have questions or concerns about this, please give us a call at (866) 266-2229.

How long is the instructor-led skills session?

Approximately one hour.

I can't print my certificate of completion. Can I print it at your office?

Yes, you can print it out at our office, or email us a screenshot or PDF of your certificate to: info@nursesed.net

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