Wanted: NEO Instructor

Nurses Educational Opportunities (NEO®) has some big shoes to fill. Learn how to become and American Heart Association Instructor or American Academy of Pediatrics Instructor.


An American Heart Association (AHA) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) instructor with a passion to teach for our location in San Diego, CA. We require an instructor with maternal child health experience. Training is provided.

Type of Position

Outside Contractor for AHA: ACLS, BLS, PALS and AAP: NRP

  • “Outside contractors” do not have tax deductions, but this requires “outside contractors” to be responsible for paying taxes from their income.

NEO®’s Instructors are required to teach AHA/AAP courses 4 days/week – 7:30 am to 3 pm.

  • Most importantly, time off requires advanced notice.
  • This candidate must be willing and able to provide these classes consistently. NEO®’s goal is to provide mandated courses to accommodate the busy lifestyle of the Healthcare Provider.
Training & Income

NEO® instructors make a considerable income. We have researched the pay of other Training Sites and concluded that NEO® is comparable if not better.

  • We DO NOT pay for training. NEO® is unable to “pay” the instructor candidate to learn.
  • HOWEVER, we cover ALL of the cost for instructor sanctioning with the AHA and AAP. In addition, we purchase all of your teaching materials. This costs can be very expensive.
  • Lastly, you will need to be willing to travel to Orange County to learn to be an outstanding instructor.
Most noteworthy, how quickly you become an instructor and receive income depends on your effort with accomplishments. We are not interested in an Instructor Candidate who is not 100% committed.

Additionally, Jane Carsrud, the owner of NEO,® will provide instructions and guidance on how to become a NEO® Instructor.

The first step is learning how to teach EKG.
  • EKG is a major component for ACLS and PALS; therefore, new instructors must learn this skill before proceeding on to presenting ACLS and PALS. Jane has a unique way of presenting EKG in a very learn-able manner.
Once the instructor candidate has accomplished this skill, Jane will begin teaching the candidate how to present ACLS.
  • In addition, as you learn how to teach ACLS you will be learning how to teach BLS. The reason being most ACLS students require a BLS skills check-of during the time of the Advanced Life Support courses.
  • You will not teach BLS classes, because individual BLS courses are provided by the “front office staff.”
  • Once you have completed the training, plus the sanctioning process, you will be monitored every so often. This is to ensure that you continually provide a high-quality class presentation.

Jane will teach you how to teach in a way that is not only understandable but enjoyable.

  • Historically, the ACLS class has been regarded as immensely difficult. In fact, in the past, many people wore T-shirts that read, “I survived ACLS.” NEO® provides courses that are stress free and enjoyable.
  • Anyone can teach a “good” class. You will be taught how to teach a “great” class.
Next, we tackle PALS.

PALS is required for Pediatric and ER Healthcare Providers.

Many Healthcare Providers “fear” the care of the pediatric patient. It will be your challenge to take out the “fear” by delivering this skill in a well-defined road map that begins with Appearance then determining if the origin of the illness.

  • Upon completion of learning how to present PALS, Jane will monitor your presentation and provide suggestions for improvement.
Subsequently, we will tackle NRP under the direction of the AAP.

To teach NRP, the instructor candidate be accepted by the AAP. Moreover, the AAP requires the instructor candidate to “jump through hoops” before being accepted. “Jumping through these hoops” is manageable.

  • The AAP requires the instructor candidate to be mentored. Jane will assist you through this process.
  • You must first take the NRP exam as well as the instructor exam.
  • Furthermore, you must attend an in-person AAP training.
  • Lastly, you must be shadowed 2+ times by an NRP instructor.

The AAP has a unique style of learning, that is – independent study.

  • In the past the instructor presented 8-hour classes to certify the Healthcare Provider, or a 4-hour class to re-certify the Healthcare Provider.
  • Nowadays, NRP includes an online module. The Healthcare Provider is mandated to pass a multiple choice, online exam for the resuscitation of the newborn. In addition, the test includes 4 Core Case simulations.
  • Once the student completes the online portion they are required to attend a skills session to complete the process.

As instructors of NRP:

  • We are required to check off skills in resuscitation of the newborn.
  • If the Healthcare Provider still requires assistance, NEO® instructors will provide this assistance upon requesting an “assisted NRP” course.

NEO®’s NRP instructor will be required to have complete understanding of Neonatal Resuscitation.

In conclusion:

If you believe you are this instructor candidate notify the front office staff with your telephone number and an appropriate time we could speak. (For me, that’s often after 2 pm).

For more information or if your interested please call us at 714-979-4022

or email us at info@nursesed.net


Thank you,

Jane Carsrud, RN

Click here to learn more about the American Heart Association.

Or click here to visit the American Heart Association Instructor website to learn more.




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