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Management of Assaultive Behavior AB-508


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$ 75
  • Textbook Included with Price
  • Duration: 6 hrs. (Depends on Class Size)
  • Awarded 6 CEHs
  • Free Refresher Course
  • Suitable for Hospital Requirements

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About Management of Assaultive Behavior

Management of Assaultive Behavior is a violence prevention course for nurses, physicians, paramedics, EMT’s, as well as auxiliary staff. In addition, this class covers all of the AB-508 requirements that healthcare providers need to be certified in MAB.

The Management of Assaultive Behavior class will first prepare students to verbally diffuse emotionally-charged situations while using good judgement. Because most verbal assaults lead to physical assaults, this course strives to equip students with the proper tools of logic to prevent a physical altercation. Students will learn evasion and self defense techniques while understanding the stages of the assault cycle. Moreover, origins of violence, along with risk factors for violent behaviors, and patterns of communication will be discussed in great detail. Last but not least, students will learn defense techniques for heightened situations that may demand strength over logic.

Why you should choose NEO for MAB-508

Clinicians who work in the Emergency Room and Psychiatric Unit are at a higher risk for assaultive events and thus require MAB AB-508, as stated by California Law. However, workplace violence can occur in any medical facility, therefore all healthcare providers should learn how to protect themselves in the case of an assault. Furthermore, violence towards healthcare providers is on the rise. In fact, according to the American Nurses Association, one in four nurses has been abused in the workplace. In addition, the ANA states that the likelihood of being exposed to violence in the hospital setting is higher than in prisons. Accordingly, our goal as a Continuing Education Provider, is to empower nurses with the knowledge to protect themselves.


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