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Fundamentals of Mechanical Ventilation


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About Fundamentals Of Mechanical Ventilation​

Management of the Mechanical Ventilator is the responsibility of the Respiratory Therapist; although, nurses must be aware of the settings and alarms to effectively care for patients who require an advanced airway. Accordingly, fundamentals of Mechanical Ventilation will enhance a nurses understanding of current modes and settings of ventilation.

In summary, students will learn how to apply critical thinking when modifications to PEEP, FIO2, Rate and Tidal Volume occur. Additionally, modes of ventilation, such as AC, SIMV and Pressure Support, along with the Trigger, Control, and Cycle will be discussed. Fundamentals of Mechanical Ventilation also includes knowledge of exercise-appropriate assessments, and safe weaning techniques. Last but not least, students will learn the adverse events of mechanical ventilation, such as hyperoxia, barotrauma, VAP, decreased cardiac output, absorptive atelectasis, and more.

Why you should choose NEO for Fundamentals of Mechanical Ventilation

Because RN’s are the first to encounter a ventilator related problem, it is essential for nurses to thoroughly understand the basics of Mechanical Ventilation. However, all the intricacies of the mechanical ventilator can often be overwhelming for nurses and new grads. In addition, acute as well as critical care nurses often encounter numerous issues related to ventilator management. Overall, the purpose of the Fundamentals of Mechanical Ventilation course is to provide understanding and confidence to nurses who work with mechanical ventilators.



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