Nursing Refresher Program

Nursing Refresher with Clinicals

NEXT DATE: November 18 – December 16, 2017

  • Duration: 5 days, Saturdays
  • Contact Hours: 40 CE
  • Price: $550. Register with $150 Deposit (counted towards your total payment)
  • FREE 500-page Textbook

Created by a Nurse for Nurses!


Resume Assistance

Instructions and Assistance with writing a resume and cover letter for your return to nursing or your nursing career change

Iv skills

Hands-On IV Skills

IV insertion and management to include live sticks (with informed consent)


You’ll receive a written instructor evaluation of your performance in class. Use it as a recommendation in your job search!

Hear from Others

I am a RN returning to the work force after a 12 year break.  I was intimidated to return and NEO nursing has made this transition back to nursing a wonderful experience.  In the RN Refresher course I learned an immense of information regarding the body systems, disease processes, EKGs, ABGs, IV administration, documentation and laboratory diagnostics.   I was also provided assistance and tips regarding my resume and interviewing skills.  I have never in the past understood EKGs and ABGs as I do now.  I can not express enough how this RN Refresher course has raised my confidence and I now feel prepared to enter the workforce.  Jane is amazing and ALL her staff, especially Bettie is wonderful.  They all work very hard to make sure each student comprehends each topic and subject matter before moving on.    I can’t say enough great things about NEO’s RN Refresher coarse.  I have already signed up to take my ACLS from NEO.


-Dara F 8/6/2017


Review from

Registered nurses that have been out of the workplace for several years and want to return to nursing: this course is for you! This course will get you started towards finding your dream job, whether it’s in Maternal Child Care, Critical Care, or Med-Surg Nursing.

Hospital nursing is not the same as it may have been when you were active in the profession of nursing. Today’s hospital nurse must use critical thinking skills. This RN Refresher course will give you the knowledge and the skills to empower you to reach this goal. All hospital will require you to be able to interpret ECG rhythm strips.  You will need to be able to successfully pass a Drug Calculation examination. You will be expected to analyze Blood Gasses.  You will be expected to efficiently place and manage an IV catheter. You must know how to communicate with SBAR.  You will be expected to know how to analyze heart sounds and lung sounds. If you think you may need a refresher course of these expectations, Nurses Educational Opportunities’ RN Refresher Course is an excellent option for you.

This nursing course includes critical care training for the nurse that seeks a nursing career change.

  • Critical care of Cardiac Disorders with ECG Interpretation
  • Critical care of Respiratory Disorders with Mechanical Ventilation Management
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders with Laboratory Analysis
  • Endocrine Disorders with Diabetes Management
  • Musculoskeletal and Renal Disorders
  • IV insertion and management to include live sticks (with informed consent)

This course may include:

  • Care of the postpartum patient and infant with an additional 4 hour class upon request.
  • ECG Interpretation

    Overcome your fear of ECG! Practice with more than 100 strips, 1-on-1 with the instructor. We rock when it comes to teaching ECG!

  • null

     Analyze Blood Gas & Laboratory Values

    Understand metabolic and respiratory alcalosis, and acidosis! Learn how to interpret lab values, and report them.

  • Head to Toe Assessment

    Complete Head-to-Toe Assessment

    Practice in pairs how to perform a a head-to-toe assessment, and give report.

  • null

    Start and IV

    Practice starting an IV on a maniqin and live sticks (with informed consent)

  • null

    Communicate with a physician using SBAR

  • Receive and Give Report


Each RN Refresher will be given a patient to assess and document.  You will be evaluated on your skills to


Receive report

Communicate using SBAR

Receiving an oral order and documentation

Giving report at the end of your shift.

Patient Care

Analyze Labs

Complete a head-to-toe assessment

Establish an IV access

Administer medications


In addition, you will be evaluated on:

Universal precautions

HIPPA guidelines

Course Agenda

Day 1: The Fundamentals of Nursing

Personal protective equipment

Hand washing

Disposing of biohazardous material

Compliance with HIPAA guidelines

Drug calculations

Malpractice and legal dilemmas

The use of restraints

The advantages of a Rapid Response Team.

IV insertions and management

Day 2: Cardiology

Cardiac disorders

ECG interpretation

12-lead interpretation

Determining an acute myocardial infarction

Determining ischemia

Day 3: Respiratory Disorders

Blood gas interpretation

Mechanical ventilation management

Tracheotomy care

Day 4: Med-Surg Disorders

Renal disorders

GI disorders

Endocrine disorders

Reproductive disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders

Day 5: Maternal Child Care

Neonatal resuscitation

Basic fetal heart monitoring

Lactation training

Becoming BabyFriendly(TM) certified in compliance with California’s Birth and Beyond Breastfeeding Initiative

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