Nurses Career Builder Workshop

Nurses Career Builder (Resume Class for New Grads, RN's and More)

About Nurses Career Builder

First and foremost, the Nurses Career Builder program is not only for nurses, all healthcare providers are welcome to join. Six years ago, a NEO administrator/Instructor sat at her front desk and listened to a vast amount of students express frustrations of not finding a job. Wanting to make a difference, she sought to create a resume class for nurses as well as other healthcare providers who were struggling to find a clinical job. Since it beginnings, this program has helped countless of new grads, transitioning nurses and re-entry nurses not only find a job, but find the job they have always longed for.

Due to the countless of stories we have encountered of new grads not being able to find a job 1, 2, and even 6 years after graduating; as well as re-entry nurses who have struggled to find a way back in after caring for their children and families, we have decided to offer this course for free. To provide you with some insight on the success of Nurses Career Builder, we encourage our clients to view our fantastic comments in our Yelp and Facebook page.

In addition, Nurses Career Builder is a course meant to teach learners how to write a resume and cover letter. Unfortunately, due to the amount of time and work that goes into a writing a resume students are responsible for writing their own resume. However, regardless of the fact, clients have been able to find their dream job.

Course Information

No Cost - Preferably a NEO student

Offered Monthly for Each Location

Must be Scheduled to Attend

Online Webinar

Nurses Career Builder Workshop for New Grads, Nursing Students and Healthcare Providers


Do you submit your resume and not get a call back? Or, are you a new grad or student who needs direction?

Resumes are tough to write, in particular clinical resumes may be more difficult because nowadays many hospitals use Candidate Screening Systems; therefore the resume has to follow certain rules. On the other hand, if hospitals don’t have this system then a clinical manager or HR personnel will determine if you will proceed through the hiring process. In this case, resumes that are convoluted or cluttered may be discarded or put aside. This resume class for nurses and more will help to enhance your nursing resume by providing instruction on the following:

  • Proper formatting
  • Keywords and their use
  • Resume rules for candidate screening systems

Cover Letter

Does your cover letter begin with, i‘m writing in regards to, or does it repeat the resume? Then you probably need help.

The cover letter is equally as important as the resume. Cover letters, are in essence, the heart of your professional documents. Nursing cover letters, for one thing, should include a statement about why you would be a good candidate for the unit your applying to. As a matter of fact, there is no wrong way of writing your cover letter. To illustrate, you may choose to write about what sets you apart from other candidates, what qualities do you possess, or what your goals are for that specific hospital or department. While discussing cover letters, students will learn to:

  • Properly format cover letters
  • Personalize keywords
  • Cater the letter to personalized hospital keywords.


How will you answer, tell me about yourself? If you say ummm, your in trouble

Interviews are usually the final step in the application process. The interview can either “make or break you,” therefore you have to be extremely prepared.

The interview portion of this course will prepare students to answer difficult questions regarding goals, character and attitudes during conflict, plus personal and professional development, meanwhile utilizing hospital keywords and integration of the Hospital’s mission statements. This session will cover the following types of interviews:

  • Traditional questions
  • Behavioral questions
  • Conflict of interest
  • Phone interviews