National University Package

Buy the AHA Package for $297.50*


Option 1: $297.50 for ACLS, PALS, and BLS

Option 2: $336 for ACLS, PALS, and NRP skills.

Each student chooses their own dates!

Get 25% OFF IV Skills and 50% OFF 7 specialized classes!

Classes are offered EVERY DAY, Mon – Sat 

To request a new IV skills date, contact us. We’ll set it up with 10 students minimum. Choose your own dates!
* Registration for the AHA Package is required to apply discounts to Add-On Classes.

Get the Group Rates WITHOUT the Group Dates!

 Each student chooses class dates that are convenient for him/her! We won’t lock you in group classes.

You still get the group discount and package pricing for National University!


  • Beginning to Intermediate ECG Interpretation – $115 $56.50/ 4hrs
  • 12-Lead ECG Interpretation – $115 $56.50 / 4hrs
  • Mechanical Ventilator Management – $115 $56.50/ 4hrs

Maternal Child Classes 

  • Basic Fetal Heart Monitoring – $115 $56.50/ 4hrs
  • Labor & Delivery Care- $115 $56.50/ 4hrs
  • 3-in-1 Maternal Postpartum Care – $150 $75/ 5hrs
  • Baby-Friendly Lactation 2-days – $200/ $100 16hrs

IV Skills & Phlebotomy with live sticks $225/ $168.75 5hrs

UP TO $557.50 IN SAVINGS!!!

EXCLUSIVE OFFER for National University

Students and New Grads.
with live sticks, with permission
  • Online registration open 24/7!
  • No rescheduling fees! Schedule tentatively.
  • Small classes!
  • FREE Prep Classes for ACLS and PALS!
  • FREE Study Guides to “get it” the 1st time!
  • FREE Textbooks for ECG, 12-Lead, and Maternal Care!
  • 1-Day Certification for ACLS/ PALS!
  • Same Day Card!\
  • Accredited American Heart Association certifications!
  • 1 out of 3 approved providers by SHARP hospitals for AHA Certifications!
  • NEO prepares you to EXCEL as a New Grad Nurse!

Registration is extended to August 2 OFFER EXTENDED TO AUGUST 15th, 2017~

50% OFF Add-on Classes! UNLIMITED to all ADD-On Classes!*

*Registration for AHA Package is required

NEO is an approved provider for AHA classes for SHARP employees!

There are only 3 approved providers in San Diego!



Not all AHA centers are created equal! Some businesses engage in underhanded practices, and hospitals eventually find out about them. That’s why SHARP hospital has approved only 3 AHA providers for their employees. NEO is one of those 3 approved providers! Leave no room for doubt that you strive for the highest standard in training and education, and certify with NEO!  

  • You need to stand out with credible, and highly-valued qualifications!
  • NEO is 1 of 3 approved providers by SHARP hospital for AHA Certifications.
  • NEO is an approved American Heart Association Training Site, with long standing in the San Diego community for 18 years. We service more than 15,000 healthcare providers every year. People know NEO!
  • We take care of you! We know how to teach, what to teach, and how much time to spend teaching it. Our students share the love on Yelp!  



You chose an accelerated nursing program at National University because you have commitments and your time is limited.


  • Consider NEO, if group dates don’t work for your schedule!
  • You need the flexibility to choose your own dates! NEO provides classes every day, and can accommodate your schedule on short notice!



As a new grad, you watch every penny coming out of the bank account! But you would also never put a price on your RN license. Nursing is a profession with high liability. DO IT ONCE, DO IT RIGHT! 

  • You need high quality education at an affordable price.
  • NEO offers flexible pricing packages for New Grads.
  • NEO offers an exclusive discount package to National University New Grads and Students.


Read, Understand, and Remember

  • FREE Textbooks for Critical Care classes- IV skills, ECG, 12-Lead, Mechanical Ventilator Settings, Code Trauma, Cardiac Emergencies.
  • FREE Textbooks for Maternal Care classes – Labor & Delivery, Basic Fetal Heart Monitoring, Postpartum Care.
  • NRP certification includes NRP skills at the office, and the cost of the NRP online exam ($36.50).
  • Required books for ACLS ($46.44) and PALS ($48.60). You may be able to purchase textbooks for your school cohort, and share them.
  • FREE Study guides for ACLS and PALS


You have options with NEO! 

The Nurse in the Emergency Department will need different classes, and expertise than the nurse starting at the Med-Surg floor.

  • NEO offers an excellent Maternal Child Care Program that competes with the Regional Perinatal Program required by SHARP. Our new grads get the interview, and get hired!
  • NEO offers the best ECG classes!! ECGs are a weak spot for many nurses. If you aspire towards Critical Care departments, like ICU, or ED, you need to learn ECGs, Mechanical Ventilator settings, and 12-leads. There are no textbooks in the ED!
  • Choose your own classes. Make your own package!
  • NEO offers the most classes than any other provider in San Diego!
    • AHA classes – ACLS, PALS, NRP, BLS
    • IV skills
    • Critical Care
    • Labor & Delivery
    • Postpartum


Make the Resume work for you! Get the chance to impress the interview panel. Shine at the interview!   

Get the inside scoop and craft a winning Resume! Learn how to answer interview questions so that the panel remembers you!

NEO provides guidance to many New Grads. We must be doing something right, because they get noticed, and excel at phone and in-person interviews!


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