BabyFriendly(tm) Lactation Training

Birth & Beyond Lactation Training is a California initiative to provide hospital staff training for BabyFriendly ™.

Most noteworthy, hospitals applying for BabyFriendly ™ status need nurses who have completed an approved lactation course.

Moreover, the importance of breastfeeding through the first six months of life and beyond has been researched and documented. Research continues to prove that Breast milk remains the gold standard. As a result, the AAP has declared infant nutrition a public health issue rather than a lifestyle choice. Most concerning, more than 1 million infants die worldwide every year simply because they are not breastfed exclusively for 6 months. Therefore, learning to teach mothers how to effectively breastfeed is a must for all Maternal-Child Health nurses.

Furthermore, this course focuses on the advantages of breastfeeding for the infant as well as the mother. Additionally, this class details how you, as a healthcare provider, can introduce and promote techniques and guidelines that will guarantee a successful and memorable mother-baby experience.

In addition, Birth & Beyond Lactation Training will delve into some historic data that reviews the reasons new mothers stopped breastfeeding, including the introduction of formula. Last but not least, the horrifying results that occurred when breastfeeding was stopped, and the role formula manufacturers played in that process.

What is the BabyFriendly Initiative?

Birth and Beyond is based on the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative launched in 1992 in collaboration with WHO and UNICEF. The goal of this initiative is to recognize hospitals that implement the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding and also provide a positive environment for breastfeeding mothers. Lastly, completing this course is valuable for students who want to work in hospitals that either have or are trying to achieve BabyFriendly TM status.

This course is sanctioned by Birth & Beyond, CA Public Health Initiative

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10 Steps to BabyFriendly

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Class Information

Price: $200.00

Birth & Beyond Lactation as outlined by Breastfeed LA's curriculum

Awarded 16 Contact Education Hours

CEH’s: Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing for 16 contact hours CEP#13004.

Recommended for

Healthcare providers who work in the Postpartum Unit, Labor and Delivery Department and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Including, nurses who work in Prenatal Care Clinics, Maternal Child Health Clinics, as well as Midwifery Centers

Additionally, for nursing students, new grads, re-entry nurses, plus transfer nurses.

Lastly, recommended for those seeking to complete Contact Education Hours

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