New Grad Nurses – How to get a job in Labor and Delivery, and Postpartum Nursing?

Maternal Program for RNs, New Grads, and Re-Entry Nurses for LD, NICU, and OB

Maternal Week at NEO is around the corner!

If you’re a New Grad, or Student, you know that getting a job at the hospital is still an uphill battle! There are very few New Grad Training programs left, especially for Labor & Delivery and Postpartum.

What is Maternal Week at NEO?

Maternal Week is packed with classes that focus on Labor & Delivery and Postpartum Training for New Grads, and Transitioning Nurses. You can take up to 3 classes in one day! The Maternal Week was created to help you get your dream in L&D and Postpartum!


When and Where?

June 7-11 in San Diego

12650 Sabre Spring Pkwy #205

June 13-17 in Costa Mesa

3303 Harbor Bvld, G3, Costa Mesa CA 92626

These classes WILL NOT BE OFFERED again until September, 2016!


Classes are $115 each.

Get a 10% discount when you sign-up for 2 or more!

GET ADDITIONAL $25 OFF one class, when you sign-up before MAY 31, 2016 with the PROMO CODE: MOTHER2016.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN. Payment is NOT required ahead of time!


How can the Maternal Week help you get a job?

  • Build your Resume with the right keywords for the job! To get the interview for the job, your Resume needs to have the right keywords. How do you stand out, and make yourself the perfect candidate for the job? Take classes that offer specific training for Labor & Delivery and Postpartum!
  • Build your confidence with knowledge! Labor & Delivery and Postpartum are unlike any other unit in the hospital. It takes months to train a New Grad to use their critical thinking and assessment skills for the woman in labor and her newborn. Do you remember your Maternal Child clinical rotation? There was so much to learn, you didn’t know where to start! If only there was a class on fetal monitoring…before your clinical rotation! By laying a solid foundation of classroom knowledge, you’ll be like a sponge when you step on the floor! Maternal Week fills the knoweldge gap for Labor & Delivery and Postpartum
  • Be the Best Candidate at the Interview! There are more than 200 applicants for every L&D position! Getting the interview is HUGE! You must shine, make a memorable impression on your interviewer, and communicate that this is your passion, this is what you want to do! How do you “show-not-tell” during the interview? Show them you know that nursing education is a lifelong commitment, and you are dedicated to prepare for success by seeking out relevant training and credentials.

Maternal Week will prepare you to anticipate and intervene in the most common and critical clinical scenarios in Labor & Delivery and Postpartum. Interpreting a fetal monitoring strip is crucial during labor, and anticipating how the patient’s medical history will affect their birthing process can prevent a spell-bound disaster. Labor & Delivery is the most inspiring, but the most litigious position in the hospital. Get a head start with Foundations of Labor & Delivery care!

Post-delivery, Moms and Nurses are faced with the requirements of BabyFriendly. It can be a challenge to keep up Moms healthy and happy without a nursery! Learn how to make Postpartum care smoother for Mom and her family, and how to facilitate better Lactation rates.

Where do you start?

FOUNDATION: Get your BLS, ACLS, and NRP ceritfications before you apply!

LEVEL 1: Get your BLS, ACLS, NRP and STABLE Certification, plus

  • For Labor & Delivery: Foundations of Labor & Delivey Care, and Basic Fetal Monitoring
  • For Postpartum Care: Foundations of Postpartum Care, and BabyFriendly Lactation

LEVEL 2: Take BLS, ACLS, NRP and STABLE, plus

  • For Labor & Delivery: AWHONN Intermediate Fetal Monitoring, plus the Intermediate Level courses for L&D.
  • For Postpartum Care: Neonatal Assessment, plus the Intermediate Level courses for Postpartum.

Build your Resume THIS SUMMER!


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